What services can be provided by Faenza Sanitary Ware?

Now there are more and more types of sanitary wares in the building materials market, and the reputation and product quality of Faenza sanitary wares are very good, so they are very popular. Many people also see the market prospects of Faenza bathroom, want to join, but do not know the advantages and product characteristics of joining. Next, the editor will introduce to you what services can be provided by joining Faenza bathroom? What are the characteristics of Faenza bathroom?

What services can be provided by Faenza Sanitary Ware

1. Field trip

Investors who want to join Faenza Sanitary Ware can go to the manufacturer for on-site evaluation. The manufacturer will help the investor to choose the right business place to open the store, so that the investor can get effective profit protection.

2. Planning support

Manufacturers can also provide investors with a complete set of store management solutions to better help investors quickly get on track. The company will design a complete set of decoration style according to local customs and store layout. And provide the standardization standard and design drawings of Faenza decoration, which can help the store start quickly.

3. Scientific logistics support

The manufacturer also provides a dedicated logistics department for franchisees, with strong logistics distribution service capabilities. It is also equipped with a series of back savings on order processing, distribution and delivery, and warehouse management, which makes the logistics equipment unimpeded and allows franchisees to join with confidence.

Features of Faenza Bathroom

1. Faenza sanitary ware products are basically using the most advanced molding technology in Italy, and their products are sintered at a high temperature of 1268 degrees, so the products have higher density and the water absorption rate is less than 0.2%. Art has reached the standard of vitrified magnetism, and its stability is also very good. The porcelain surface will not be cracked due to changes in the temperature of the weather.

2. The porcelain surface of Faenza products has a certain high temperature resistance, the surface is smooth and smooth, the pores are few, and it has the characteristics of antibacterial self-cleaning. It is very easy to clean and is not easily contaminated with dirt. The toilet uses a unique pipe glazing technology to make toilet flushing smoother and more thorough, and has a good mute effect.

3. The Faenza toilet has also designed a double-grade flush. This design has won the certificate of the production management enterprise designated by the National Construction Bureau's "water-saving toilet". It has double functions and double water saving, and can save more than 50,000 liters of water every year. It is an environmentally friendly product without radiation and pollution.

Editor's Conclusion: The above content is about the services provided by Franz Sanitary Ware franchise and the characteristics of Faenza Sanitary Ware. I hope to help you. I believe that after you understand the relevant content of the joining of Faenza bathroom, you will know more about their models.

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