Lucerne Introduces Innovative Polyol Technology for Polyurethane and Polyisocyanate Foam

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Lucerne recently introduced a new block material that offers polyurethane rigid foam manufacturers a range of advantages that improve fire performance and increase productivity compared to conventional technologies. When reacted with isocyanates, these polyols produce polyurethane foam insulation materials for use in building insulation, refrigerators and freezers, and industrial insulation.

Introduced under the Resonance TM brand, Lucerne's unique polyol blend combines the best properties of traditional polyols, polyesters and polyether polyols to become a “direct” alternative to these materials in commercial grade polyurethane foam boards.

Resonance TMP Series and T-Series polyols include high aromaticity and a range of functions that offer a variety of benefits including: improved fire performance; increased flexibility in conditioning catalysts and flame retardant additives to simplify formulation and reduce overall system cost Higher compressive strength; improved dimensional stability, increased production efficiency; and enhanced compatibility with isocyanates, copolyols and additives to produce finer cell structures.

Resonance TMT series polyols offer different levels of nitrogen and achieve high reactivity, making them effective in applications such as sprayers and electrical foams. Fast curing is critical. At the same time, the material is non-volatile and can reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds.

JP Aucoin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Tyson Global Phenolic Resin Specialty Resins, said: "We are very pleased to provide these innovative materials for the polyurethane industry. The recent global accidents have caused insulation and insulation materials to be resistant to fire, smoke and harmful gases. Concerned that manufacturers are looking to improve product safety, mechanical performance and manufacturing efficiency. Our new Resonance TM brand P-series and T-series polyol portfolios offer an attractive new alternative to current technology."

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