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Teach the first time to know the bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-06-24

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Bearings are indispensable parts of mechanical equipment; that is, in our usual days; also in amazing amounts; in the case of cars; a car usually has 100 to 150 bearings; if there are no bearings; the wheels will creak; The gears of the box cannot be toothed. The car will not be able to travel.
Not only the car; the use of the bearing and its wide range; for example; railway vehicles; aviation aircraft; wind power category; washing machine; refrigerator;
Bearings play an important role in improving mechanical efficiency and energy saving; then I will analyze the most basic common sense of bearings.
The English name of the bearing is bearing; the bearing is used to support the rotating shaft; that is, the meaning of "supporting the rotating shaft".
The example illustrates:

This is a ball bearing
Rolling bearing <br> Rolling bearing "rolling bearing"; layout is very simple; there are four parts; respectively, outer ring, inner ring, roll and cage.

Outer ring (large circle on the outside)

Inner ring roll (several balls or rollers between inner and outer rings)

Cage (positioning part of the roll body)
The basic functions of the bearing:
Reduce mechanical conflicts; improve the working efficiency of machinery; extend the service life of machinery; avoid seizure; reduce mechanical failure.

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