What are the advantages of open kitchen design

Everyone has different opinions and ideas about the decoration of the house. In terms of the decoration of the kitchen, some people like the open kitchen design , while others like the closed kitchen. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today, small series that regulating the family to come and talk about what the advantages of an open kitchen design, open kitchen design considerations, together to understand it!

What are the advantages of open kitchen design

It can efficiently use the space on the ground and walls, add some partitions, hanging cabinets or floor cabinets, so that it can add many storage functions to the kitchen without taking up too much space. In addition, the open kitchen can make the whole house look more spacious and bright, and the cook will be more convenient when cooking.

Key points of open kitchen design

1. The cabinet design should be unified with the kitchen

It refers to the cabinet's plates, colors, style design, etc. must be in harmony with the style of the entire cooking space. Or you can choose to make a whole kitchen, so that the kitchen can achieve a better decoration effect.

2. It is convenient to use

In an open kitchen, the layout of the dining table is generally closer to the kitchen, so we must pay attention to the walking space of the kitchen must be wide enough, so that when we enter and exit the kitchen, it will be more convenient and not crowded.

3. Better ventilation design

In this type of space design, oil fume is a very important issue. Chinese cooking methods produce more oil fume. If you want to make an open kitchen, you must choose a fume hood with good oil absorption and high power. In addition, we have to ensure that the kitchen has good ventilation, so that the smell of oil smoke in the open kitchen will not be too heavy, and we will not enter the living room during cooking.

4. Increase storage space

For an open kitchen, it should look more clean and tidy, so as to make the whole house look more beautiful. For things such as pots and pans, we should not put them all outside. We can add some wall cabinets and floor cabinets, which can not only ensure the aesthetics of the kitchen, but also meet the storage needs of these objects.

Editor's note: In general, the decoration in this area is still relatively complicated, so we need to know more about the design and decoration of open kitchen before decoration, which will help us to smooth the decoration! The above is Qi Jiaxiao The editor and everyone explain the relevant knowledge of open kitchen design , I hope to give you some reference! For more related content, you can follow Qijia Information!

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Open kitchen design

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