What kind of materials are suitable for kitchen ceilings?

Nowadays most people choose ceilings for home decoration, because ceilings have a strong decorative effect, so they are popular with consumers. So, let's take a look at Panpan kitchen and bathroom ceilings , and which materials are suitable for kitchen ceilings. I hope to help everyone.

1. How about Panpan kitchen and bathroom ceiling

1. Durable moisture-proof

How about Panpan kitchen and bathroom ceilings , Panpan is an old brand that specializes in the production of ceilings for kitchens and bathrooms. It inherits excellent quality and has a long-lasting moisture resistance. Panpan ceiling adopts composite coating technology, which can isolate water vapor, and can also avoid the adhesion of oil fumes, so that the ceiling is always clean.

2. Reliable strength

How about Panpan kitchen and bathroom ceiling , make super-strength ceiling. Using a good aluminum alloy as a raw material, each product can have sufficient thickness, and when you install it, it will not deform for a long time.

3. Complete functions

How about Panpan kitchen and bathroom ceiling , in order to facilitate future maintenance, Panpan integrated ceiling brand, the function is very complete, the specifications are also very standard, you can combine the functions according to your needs. If it needs to be modified in the future, replace the original module, and the function will be improved.

About Panpan Kitchen and Bathroom Ceiling , the above editors have briefly described it for everyone. You can understand it, then let's take a look at which materials are suitable for kitchen ceilings.

Second, what materials are suitable for kitchen ceiling

1. Glass

In fact, the glass material can also be used as a ceiling. It has a strong sense of transparency and is relatively easy to clean. When the fumes are sucked on the glass, we wipe it clean with a rag. The glass is divided into two kinds of matte glass and colored glass. When using it, the smooth surface should be turned down, otherwise it is not easy to clean, and the fume is easy to destroy the painting.

2. Waterproof gypsum board

The waterproof gypsum board is waterproofed, so it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom space. When doing kitchen and bathroom ceiling, you can scrape the putty and then paint with waterproof paint. This is a relatively new type of ceiling material, which is sought after by consumers.

3. Aluminum buckle plate

The aluminum gusset is used more frequently in our kitchen and bathroom. Its core layer is plastic, and the exterior is a composite plate of aluminum plate. The ceiling made of aluminum buckle plate has very good waterproof and fireproof performance, and it is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.

4. PVC

The PVC suspender ceiling is made of polyvinyl chloride, extruded and then formed into a frame, and then made of glass. It is suitable for ceiling decoration of toilets and kitchens.

Editor's summary: The above is the knowledge about Panpan kitchen and bathroom ceiling and what materials are suitable for kitchen ceiling. Everyone must choose a good ceiling material, because the kitchen and toilet are more oily and water vapor. If the ceiling is poor, it will be easily damaged.

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