Living room crystal chandelier price crystal chandelier how to buy and maintain?

The feeling of crystal lamps is often a gorgeous and rich feeling, so many people will decorate the living room with a crystal chandelier to make the living room magnificent. However, there are many kinds of crystal chandeliers on the market today, and the price is also uneven. How should we choose the crystal chandelier in the living room ? How to choose the crystal chandelier to buy it? How to maintain it after buying it? Let us go on Let's see it!


First, the price of living room crystal chandelier

1. Crystal lamps are mostly divided into two types in the market. One is a chandelier made of real crystal, and the other is a chandelier supported by crystal. If you choose a living room crystal chandelier made of natural crystal, then the price must be very expensive. And the price of imitation crystals will be a little cheaper.

2. Although the price of chandeliers with imitation crystals is not expensive, its price is divided into good and bad according to different materials. Good imitation crystal chandeliers are like real crystals, and some are even more beautiful than natural crystals. Some are like plastic, so the price of crystal chandeliers is also different, and good products are naturally more expensive.

3, the price of crystal lamps is about several hundred to several thousand yuan, its price is mainly based on raw materials, and the price of natural living room crystal chandeliers ranging from several thousand to several tens of thousands, depending on the use What kind of crystal is used to set the price.


Second, choose the living room crystal chandelier method

1. When purchasing the crystal chandelier in the living room, you must pay attention to the size of the living room and the shape of the room to choose. The living room of 20-30 square meters can choose a crystal lamp of about one meter and can be used, and the duplex structure or the living room area can be large. Choose some hanging crystal lamps that are more complex and larger in size. If you are just married, you can choose some elegant and warm colors of the pendant living room crystal chandelier when purchasing the living room crystal lamp.

2. The service life of crystal lamps of different grades is also different. Although the difference between high and medium grades is not obvious, the quality between high and low grades is inserted a lot. When buying, you must first look at the effect of the crystal light equipment, then look at it. The gold-plated layer, high-grade gold plating will not change color and rust for several years, and the resistance will fade back to a few months, and the color will be dark after a period of use, and the effect is not very good.

3, crystal ball as the most important key to the chandelier. Because the reason why the crystal lamp is brilliance, as long as it is the purity and cutting surface of the crystal ball, we should look at the crystal ball for cracks, blistering, water ripples and impurities. Only crystal clear can reflect very good. The effect is a fascinating radiance.

4, living room crystal chandelier In addition to the crystal ball, pendant is also very important, regardless of the number of pendants or a number of pendants, will certainly affect the beauty of the crystal chandelier lamp, the pendant hole must be standard to ensure our safety and beauty, If the pendant of the crystal lamp is uneven or damaged, falling from the ceiling can easily threaten our safety.

5, pay attention to the brand logo, the quality and price of different brands of crystal lamps will vary greatly, so we must look at the big brands when choosing chandeliers, and some illegal manufacturers will imitate the chandeliers of big brands, so we must be optimistic Pick the crystal chandelier in your favorite living room.


Third, the living room crystal chandelier maintenance method

1. Be sure to clean the crystal lamp regularly. The cleaning on time can ensure the brilliance of the crystal chandelier. When cleaning, be sure to cut off the power supply, remove the metal connector and then clean it. For crystal ornaments, be sure to take it lightly. Please put it, don't stack it together, clean the sand and dust. It is ok to clean up once a year, not too often.

2. If the equivalent price or the crystal ball is damaged or loosened during cleaning, be sure to find a merchant to carry out after-sales maintenance. Do not tamper with yourself, or it will cause damage to the crystal chandelier.

3, usually do not rotate when using and cleaning the crystal lamp, otherwise it is easy to cause Luo Ya loose, resulting in unsafe accidents.

The above is about the price of the living room crystal chandelier, the correct purchase method and maintenance method of the living room crystal chandelier. The content of the first off is first mentioned here. When choosing, it is still necessary to judge according to your own preferences and budget, in order to choose the crystal chandelier. . For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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