Is rooftop waterproof expensive? How to do rooftop waterproof

We all know that roof waterproofing is an important project in decoration. The quality of waterproofing will affect everyone's living life. Therefore, roof waterproofing must be done during decoration. So what is the price of roof waterproofing, and how to do roof waterproofing? Let's take a look together!

Is the roof waterproof expensive?

1. Waterproof materials

What is the price of waterproof roof? First of all, it depends on the materials. Generally, cheap materials cost as little as ten yuan per square meter. If the materials are of good quality, the price is about 40 yuan per square meter. The roof waterproof material is commonly used SBS modified asphalt coiled material, the price is about 100-500 yuan, and if the construction team is contracted, the price is from 20-70 yuan / square meter.

2. Construction method

Secondly, it depends on the specific roof type. If it is a roof, it usually uses SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material. The price of the 3mm national standard material fee is about 28 yuan / square meter. Non-shangren roofs all choose sand surface waterproof coiled material, and the price of its 3mm national standard material is about 30 yuan / square meter.

3. The waterproof price depends on the labor cost, and the specific labor cost can also be negotiated. When doing roof waterproofing, you must pay attention to the weather, and you must choose to carry out construction on sunny days. In case of rainy weather, you must take timely measures to avoid rain.

How to do roof waterproofing

1. Ensure the quality of waterproof materials

For roofing, waterproof materials must be selected first. The roof waterproof material must have quality assurance, and must also be certified by the designated quality inspection department to ensure that the quality meets national standards.

2. Pay attention to the roof drainage slope

The drainage slope of the flat roof is about 2% to 3%. When the slope is less than 2%, the material should be used to find the slope. When the slope is greater than 3%, the structure should be used to find the slope.

3. Do all the preparatory work

Before roof waterproof construction, you should carefully check the roof construction drawings, master the detailed structure and relevant technical requirements in the construction drawings, to avoid leaving defects after construction and affecting the quality of the project.

4. Prepare the materials

Generally, the roof waterproofing of homes uses coiled material waterproof material. This waterproof material should be carried out after masonry, installation of equipment, pipes, etc. are completed. When laying high-low-span houses, they should be arranged in the order of height first, then low, first far, then near.

5. Pay attention to the seam of the flat layer

The seam is a key part of the waterproofing project. Failure to make a good seam often causes water leakage. When waterproofing, the leveling layer should be set with dividing joints and filled with sealing materials, and the dividing joints should be left at the end of the board. The cement mortar leveling layer should not be greater than 6m, and the asphalt mortar leveling level should not be greater than 4m.

Editor's quote: The above is about the price of roof waterproofing and how to do roof waterproofing. I hope it will help everyone! Once the roof is waterproof, you wo n’t have to worry about water leakage in the future, so everyone must pay attention to it.

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Roof waterproof price

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