How to decorate a new house

As we all know, the new houses delivered by the general developers are delivered to the owners in the form of rough houses. The rough houses have only a frame structure, so they must go through subsequent renovations before they can move in. The decoration of a new house is a complex and large project, and it is a big challenge for the decoration of laymen. So how to decorate the new house? Let's take a look at the six new house decoration steps with the editor.

1. New house decoration steps-preliminary design

First of all, to find a good decoration company before the design, it is very important for the owner to find a suitable home improvement company. A regular decoration company can not only make a complete design drawing, but also effectively solve the problems in the decoration. Secondly, it is necessary to measure the house, such as the area of ​​the decoration and the location of the furniture.

Second, the new house decoration steps-the main demolition

After the preliminary design is completed, the next step is to dismantle and modify the main body, including demolition of walls, masonry and so on. However, it should be noted that the load-bearing wall of the house cannot be demolished or modified, as this will threaten the safety of the house.

3. New house decoration steps-hydropower transformation

After the main body is dismantled and reformed, it is the hydropower transformation. First, the position of the cabinet to be installed must be measured, and the positions of the water inlet and the socket must be reserved. Hydropower is a hidden project, so pay special attention to every detail of it to facilitate subsequent daily life.

Fourth, the new house decoration steps-wood, tile, oil

The construction of wood, tiles and oil should be based on the principle of who gets dirty first, and the construction method from top to bottom should also be followed, so as to keep the room clean and not clean the room repeatedly.

5. New house decoration steps-kitchen and bathroom decoration

The kitchen and bathroom installation should first be the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom. When choosing materials, try to choose anti-corrosion and moisture-proof materials. Secondly, the cabinet installation should be carried out strictly according to the design drawings, the size should be well grasped, and the floor drain installation of the bathroom should be in place.

6. New house decoration steps-later installation

Later installation is the aftermath of the entire renovation process, such as the installation of doors, lamps, and sanitary ware. After all the things to be installed are installed, then after the room is thoroughly cleaned and cleaned, then the furniture is entered. After the furniture is placed, the house decoration is completed.

Editor's summary: The editor of the new house decoration steps has been introduced here. At the same time, special attention should be paid to some details during the decoration to avoid subsequent rework. In addition, the newly renovated houses are affected by the decoration materials, so there will be some harmful gases, so ventilation must be at least half a year, so as to benefit the health of the residents.

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