2018 Suzhou Furniture Fair GO Jiaju interprets the "New Nordic" of the 10th session

With the ninth Suzhou Furniture Fair last year, more than 300 excellent companies from all over the country came to the exhibition. These participating brands are widely distributed in the region, and the brands have been baptized in the market. Among them, Nordic furniture, new Chinese, American, and finished furniture, solid wood furniture and upholstered furniture, are favored by dealers and consumers.

Suzhou Furniture Fair has always been adhering to the original intention of "let the middle stream become the mainstream, let the middle become the backbone", and provide greater exchanges for 200,000+ professional buyers in the purpose of "finding buyers for buyers and buyers for sellers" platform. But here I have to say that the 2018 Suzhou Furniture Fair GO Jiaju will take you to understand the "New Nordic" which is about to debut in the 10th session.

"New Nordic", as the name suggests, a new definition of Nordic furniture, from the original single interpretation to the finished product of Nordic furniture. That is "New Nordic". In addition to the evolution of the original single Nordic Japanese-style solid wood furniture to the new Nordic style with black, white and gray as the whole, the sublimation in the traditional Nordic style is mainly based on solid wood furniture: "Nordic Japanese-style", "new Chinese", "American Chien," "industrial wind" ... and so have the original texture of the material with a mainly light luxury minimalist design as the representative of humanity, the combination of art and practical Formed a more comfortable and humane design style.

The Suzhou Furniture Fair is based on the Suzhou Furniture Industry Base and backed by the Likou Furniture Industry Cluster Belt. As a representative of the new Nordic furniture, Yousenshi is also located in Likou. Consumer groups, provide a whole house whole package solution and a home shopping environment with texture and comfort, let the home speak for your taste! New Nordic products include: "Nordic Japanese", "New Chinese", "American Simple" and "Industrial Style" ...

Why did Nordic Furniture choose Likou as the market? We can know that Likou Furniture City is the largest furniture market in East China, the second largest in the country, and the national logistics distribution center. Of course, the customer groups it faces are mostly young consumers. Petty bourgeois white-collar workers, overseas turtles, literary youth, bourgeoisie, etc., with its complete industrial chain, huge supply and demand market, strong purchasing group and convenient supply of raw material manufacturers, has spawned the establishment of Suzhou Furniture Fair.

This is the definition of "new Nordic" furniture in this year's Suzhou exhibition. Of course, Yousenshi as a clear stream of domestic new Nordic furniture, Likou New Nordic furniture's representative: said that this year will not participate in the tenth Suzhou exhibition in 2018, but It doesn't mean that Yousen has no big move at the exhibition. Because the more exciting exhibition of the 10th Suzhou Furniture Fair in 2018 will focus on the A8 Yousenshi showroom on the second floor of the Times Furniture City of Likou Furniture Fair. The entire exhibition hall of the factory will be upgraded and will be displayed to consumers in the form of a new model of custom-made brand of whole-house soft decoration; Yousenshi is also attracting investment throughout the country, let us wait and see.

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