Decoration inspection method, decoration inspection, precautions

We need to check the house after purchasing the house. If we look at the places that are not ideal, we can find the property, so the decoration of the house is the same, because now the decoration of the house will find the decoration company, so that the house will be renovated. we need a process of acceptance, then renovated home inspection methods, what does? renovated home inspection precautions, what does? Here's a small series of renovated home network together to tell you about it.


First, the method of decoration inspection

1. Consumers need to know if hot water and water are available and if they are connected to the wrong pipeline. Also check the position of the water meter, which should be in the kitchen or bathroom outlet. In addition, the material of the water pipe is directly related to life, and it is determined that it is a qualified material designated by the state. If the water pipe material is too bad, it is easy to leak in the later stage.

2. Concealed projects include waterway reconstruction, circuit reconstruction, ceiling structure and bathroom waterproofing projects. The owner did not understand the materials used in the concealed works, the piping of the waterway, the direction of the circuit, and the location of the functional sockets, because these works were buried in the wall after the delivery.

3. Look at the facade of the building is intact, there are no water stains, the tiles are firm; in addition, pay attention to whether the building is inclined or sinking. Pay attention to whether the unit door of the building is intact and whether the access control facilities can be used normally; whether the safety of the stairs and the public facilities such as fire-fighting facilities, water meters, and electricity meters are intact.


Second, the precautions for decoration inspection

1. When inspecting the house, measuring the height of the house is an essential item (the height error of the single layer should not exceed 1 cm at most, and should generally be less than 5 mm). In order to ensure horizontal and vertical, most owners use tape measures to measure the four corners of the house. But in fact this is not accurate, because generally the four corners will be a little higher than other places, so the height of the measurement should be carried out 50cm away from the corner. However, after 50cm from the corner, it is easy to cause errors.

2. There are many types of building materials involved in the hardcover room. The purchase contract signed by the buyer and the developer must not only specify the brand of the building materials, but also indicate the type of building materials used in the decoration, especially the high usage rate and high quality requirements for building materials. Equipment, such as sanitary ware, lamps, kitchen equipment, hardware, and multi-functional entry doors with anti-theft, fire, and sound insulation.

3. For the water seepage in the bathroom kitchen, mainly see if there is any water seepage on the top surface, no matter how the contractor does it, the water should be re-brushed during the decoration. If you are not at ease, you can check your own water. Check whether there is water seepage near the wall and doors and windows. If there is water seepage on the side of the door and window, you need to do a water spray test to find out the water leakage point.

There are many ways to decorate a house. Generally, we will find a decoration company. What are the methods for decorating the house and what are the precautions for the decoration house? I want to see the introduction of the above series. Everyone knows about these. Well, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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