What is the baseboard radiator? What is good for the baseboard radiator?

We often carry the baseboard when the decoration is nearing the end, and the radiator is the heating equipment commonly used by the northerners in the winter. Whether it is installation or selection, there are unique purchasing methods and daily maintenance. Let Xiaobian come to you one by one to tell you about the choice of baseboard radiator and the daily maintenance of the baseboard radiator ! Make your home decoration more perfect.


First, the baseboard

1. The thickness of the baseboard of different materials is different. The tiles and stone are thicker, while the wood is thinner. The thinnest is stainless steel. How thick is the baseboard? About a centimeter, while the wood is about one-five, the thickness of the stone is slightly thicker, while the stainless steel is only about 0.8.

2, the baseboard is generally installed on the wall next to the ground, close to the ground, so the color of the skirting line should be as close as possible to the color of the ground, there will be the effect of the ground extension space, and this will not appear contradictory The sense that the color of the ground is close to the color of the baseboard is also very convenient when cleaning.

3, the color of the skirting line If you want to be more fluid, it is best to choose the same color as the door line, if you are more individual, you can also choose the color opposite to the ground to choose the baseboard, compare Bright colors can have a distinctive color.

4, the choice of baseboard is actually very simple, as long as the width is appropriate, choose a clean and smooth material, no scar is a good baseboard.

The baseboard is made of a variety of materials, such as stainless steel baseboard, solid wood baseboard, tile baseboard, glass baseboard, PVC baseboard, etc. Although the baseboard is not conspicuous, if you choose it, you can make it Our space has become more design-rich.


Second, the radiator

The radiators must have been well understood by friends in the north, and it is all dependent on winter heating. But what brand of radiator is good? How to maintain the daily maintenance of the radiator to make it more effective? Let Xiaobian introduce you to some brands and maintenance methods of radiators.

Demerad Radiator: This is a brand that was born in 1954 to produce radiators. Whether it is related parts and heating products, this brand has won one of the three largest heating equipment manufacturers in Europe. A brand with a long history and good reputation.


Jinhai Radiator: It is a large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The products cover the whole country and the sales volume has been very good. Because of its excellent quality and advanced technology, it has become the leader in the radiator industry.

Florence radiators: not only have sales covering most parts of the country, but also sell well in more than 10 countries and regions abroad, with an annual output of more than 550,000, which is the leading brand in the industry.

No matter which brand of radiator is used, daily maintenance is essential. When heating, you can't let off the heating water. The heating water shouts chemicals to prevent the oxidation of the radiator and the pipe, so it can't be taken and released. The pressure of the radiator is limited. For the sake of safety, do not pile up debris on it. Otherwise, insufficient heat dissipation will affect the heating effect, and it is easy to crush the heating pipe when heavy items are placed. Must be installed in accordance with the way of the heating master, can not be modified privately, otherwise it will be unnecessary and troublesome.

In the above article, we talked about how to choose the baseboard radiator and the daily maintenance of the baseboard radiator. I hope to help you choose a better baseboard radiator. If you have more questions or want to know more exciting. Home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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