The characteristics of the Chinese-style decoration model room, the main points of the Chinese-style decoration model room

The Chinese style emphasizes the level and uses symmetry to reflect the rich characteristics of ancient Chinese culture. So what are the characteristics and key points of the Chinese-style decoration model house? Then you follow the renovated home network Xiaobian take a look at the characteristics of Chinese decoration model room, Chinese decoration related content elements of the model of it!

Chinese decoration model room features


1 Chinese traditional decoration style pays attention to the spatial level

Because there will be a long-term artistic conception at the level, there will be a pass-through and a looming effect. You can look at the style of many garden constructions, just like the convergence and reduction of home decoration. In the decoration, many of them will use the way of mouthwash or shelf to distinguish and partition, so that different divisions of the functional area can be achieved, but such a partition is not necessarily completely completely cut off. In the space, you can often feel the effect of moving the scene.

2 Chinese style decoration style pays attention to straight line

Generally, it is decorated with simple decoration and symmetrical with a strong straight line. This not only reflects people's pursuit of simple and bleak life, but also reflects the traditional Chinese pursuit of restrained and simple style. In the small crafts such as window sills, brick carvings and door piers, the beauty of traditional crafts will be revealed. More emphasis on the application of color, dignified. This is closely related to the education of rituals in Chinese traditional culture.

3 Chinese-style decoration model house has the characteristics of cultural heritage

Whether it is a traditional Chinese decoration or a modern Chinese style, it is a product of traditional culture. Therefore, all of them incorporate some inheritance culture. For example, the traditional home furnishings pay attention to calmness and Zen. In the Chinese decoration that is now done, it needs such a realm. Regardless of the copy of the ancient customs, it is called imitation. In short, it is good to pass on the traditional culture in this way.

Chinese decoration model room decoration points

1 reasonable layout

Because of the lack of space, it is necessary to make the layout design more reasonable when designing. You can reserve enough space for people to move, and it will not cause a feeling of narrowness and smallness. It is still a living room.

2 simple shape

Originally, the size of a small apartment is limited, so you can't make full use of it. If you use a complicated design, the material you need will be large, and it will be a bit empty when you put it in space. Moreover, the essence of the Chinese style is to be simple and simple. When choosing furniture and lamps, you need to choose a moderate shape so that it does not conflict with smaller spaces.


3 color selection is darker

In the spatial visual rendering effect, different colors will have different feelings on people's vision. Over-bright colors will make people see the whole space become smaller. Therefore, if you want to make a small-sized Chinese decoration, you should choose a darker color. Color, this needs to be selected in the paint color.

4 Use light to create focus

A beam of light in the space allows the focus of the entire space to be absorbed, and the small space is small. You can also use this method, so that people can concentrate on the light, and invisibly enlarge other spaces.

The above is about the characteristics of the Chinese-style decoration model room, the detailed answer to the main points of the Chinese-style decoration model room, I don't know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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