Office fish feng shui has to pay attention not to follow

Many companies will raise fish in the office. Not only beautify the environment but also improve the office feng shui. Then there is a certain amount of feng shui in the office . Let's take a look at the fish feng shui in the office together with Ya Zhen Furniture Xiao Bian.


Office fish feng shui stress

1, fish tank placement

Traditionally, it is believed that the fish tanks should not be placed in the east, southeast, north and south directions of the offices in the east, south, north and southeast. Sitting on houses in the southwest, northwest, northeast, and west, fish tanks should not be placed in the office's west, southwest, northwest, and northeast directions. The placement of the fish tank should pay attention to the overall coordination with the office style, and at the same time, coordinate the relationship between the gas field and the building, increase the natural aura, and add vitality to the office.

2, the choice of fish

For this area, suitable for raising gold, blue, silver fish, and to reflect the harmful light out, so that the gas field to maintain a clean space, which is conducive to the health of fish, and the other is not recommended for color, green Purple fish, because they have a strong ability to absorb radiation, is not conducive to feeding.

3, the shape of the fish tank

In general, most of the cylinders will be placed in the diagonal position of the entrance of the company, and do not put any pieces of debris, which is suitable for the side of the square, the triangle is suitable for the corner position, the circle is suitable for the middle, six The corners are too heavy to fit in the office and the semicircle is suitable for corner placement.


What kind of fish can be raised in office

1, the office to support the gold fish wealth

This type of fish not only fills in some gaps in the layout of the work area, but also makes the area full of vitality. Therefore, it is recommended that goldfish be raised in this area. It needs no heating, no power cuts, and is less sick than tropical fish. In terms of form, it is best to raise koi, which can raise a small group or polyculture.

2, the office raises the squid Wang Cai

In this case, the appearance of the fish is usually gold, and gold can produce water, so it has a strong ability to boost wealth. Therefore, raising this fish in the work area has the effect of attracting wealth and Nafu, and in addition, the species is positively golden, so it is the most fuel-efficient. Strong, raising this koi can improve the positive wealth and horizontal wealth.

Unfit fish in the office

1. Try not to raise saltwater fish. Saltwater fish are raised with water close to the temperature of seawater. Although the color can make people feel good, it is not recommended to raise them because it is difficult to care for.

2, it is best not to raise tropical fish, tropical fish is difficult to feed if feeding creatures often die, from the perspective of feng shui is also a bad sign, she will give people psychologically unpleasant feelings, often affect the body's aerobics to run in harmony, Give people negative spiritual influence.

The above is about the office fish feng shui stress article introduced, I believe that most readers for office fish feng shui stress has been further understanding, more feng shui common knowledge, please pay attention to GO good home information channel.

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