Barry Furniture teaches you a few tips for maintaining mahogany furniture

Furniture is like a human being. People can maintain their youth through permanent maintenance. They are bright and beautiful, and furniture is the same. Regular maintenance and style are still the same. Especially mahogany furniture requires maintenance and will not damage, affecting the beauty and value of the collection. Here, Perry Furniture teaches you several techniques for maintaining mahogany furniture .


Compliance with wood

People's health is concerned with conformity to human nature, and the maintenance of furniture must also comply with woodiness, which is the "temper" of furniture. Every season is different in temperament:

In winter, some families are heating. People are very comfortable near the heating, but the furniture must be farther away from the heating to avoid excessive shrinkage of the wood caused by high temperatures, leading to cracking.
When summer comes, it often rains, and furniture should be avoided from being placed in front of the window to prevent it from getting wet in rainy weather, swelling the surface and damaging it. A lot of furniture is still afraid of the wind, especially with furniture such as tables and cabinets, with the influence of “swelling and swelling”, it is easy to crack and warp at the outlet for a long time.

Desktop storage furniture maintenance <br> ambient temperature is not cold and hot temperatures. For example, furniture with a stone surface (such as tables, screens, etc.) can not be placed outside in the winter, summer can not be placed in the sun, so as not to crack. The oil on the desktop can be wiped with alcohol. If there is no alcohol, it can be wiped with a high white spirit.

Keep dry for the season

In areas where the seasons have changed significantly, the maintenance of furniture is extremely demanding. In the spring and autumn seasons, the climate changes from dryness to dryness, and the doors should be opened at the right time, and the drawers should be opened to synchronize the wind inside and outside the furniture so as to avoid warping on one side because it is too dry or too wet.

Summer is more humid and moist, easy to mold, moisture is very important, is the maintenance of mahogany furniture. It is necessary to frequently open the air-conditioning to remove moisture, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of the wood, and avoid opening the joints by the wet expansion and deformation of the concrete structure. Newly bought furniture this season should not be hot wax.

The driest season in winter can be said to be the "ghost doorway" of mahogany furniture, and it is the most taboo season. In particular, many buildings are now occupied, and the climate drying room is also dry. Do not place near the heating in winter, avoid indoor temperature is too high, generally people wearing sweaters feel comfortable indoors.



The use of furniture day after day, year after year, the gloss will gradually disappear, affecting its appearance. If you encounter such a situation, you don’t need to be nervous. You can look for furniture maintenance professionals to wax and care for the furniture and make your furniture look a new look.

Responsive to the looseness and shedding of furniture components

If you experience furniture parts loose, do not be nervous, in fact, the more high-quality furniture made of wood, the more prone to this situation. You can try to use a toothpick, white glue or cardboard to plug it, strengthen, do not use 502 to stick. The best way is to make a reservation for the maintenance of the factory furniture.

Dust removal

Due to the pollution of the environment, more and more dust is in the air, which is most obvious in the city. Therefore, the protection of furniture increases the critical dust removal. Many furniture has carved parts or complicated hollow parts, and it is particularly easy to accumulate dust. It can be wiped with a soft cotton cloth, but you cannot use a damp cloth. Wet cloth is a natural enemy of furniture, it will bring drastic changes in the wet and dry furniture surface.

Reasonable placement

There is also a certain relationship between furniture placement and maintenance. In the bungalow, the articles, cabinets, and tables should be kept at a certain distance from the wall when placed, and they must not be close to the wall. Because if you put too close, moisture on the brick wall will erode the furniture, make the furniture damp, it will damage the surface of the furniture wax layer or pulp, and then damage the wood. Furniture with drawers, do not put heavy objects and blunt instruments, so as not to crush and scratch, can not step on, especially in the dry season, the most vulnerable to damage. Do not allow the furniture to be exposed to the sun or the air outlet. Place it in a cool, dry place. Excessive sunlight damages the material of wooden furniture, causing cracking or warping of the wood.

The above are just a few tips for the maintenance of mahogany furniture . I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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