Graphene has a new breakthrough in the manufacture of carbon fiber composite prototypes

HC Plastics News: Recently, Thomas Swan in the northeast of England expanded its range of applications for Elicarb graphene materials for the manufacture of carbon fiber composite prototypes.

As one of the newest nanomaterials found to be the thinnest, strongest, and most conductive and thermally conductive, graphene is called “black gold” and is the “king of new materials”.

The initial test results on unidirectional carbon fiber fabrics are encouraging. The addition of 1% by mass of Elicarb graphene material to the epoxy resin resulted in an increase in the flexural strength and modulus of the produced carbon fiber laminate.

The discovery spurred Thomas Swan to conduct further research to produce commercial carbon fiber prepregs. These prototypes are manufactured in collaboration with experienced third parties.

Thomas Swan will continue to develop, test and enhance the performance of these materials and will work with selected partners to turn the technology into commercial products in the coming months.

Dr. Dimitris Presvytis, head of the Advanced Materials R&D team, said: "We have developed expertise in dispersing nanomaterials in thermoplastic and thermosetting resins to improve the performance of carbon fiber composites and have achieved exciting results."

Professor Stephen Bennington, Commercial Director of the Advanced Materials Division, said: "It is really exciting to increase the strength of these materials, but when we tested the resins separately, we found that their thermal conductivity, chemical resistance and electrostatic discharge performance were also improved."

Thomas Swan's general manager Harry Swan pointed out: "The results represent Thomas Swan's advances in advanced materials, which have a range of applications including lightweight automotive components, sports equipment and even aerospace applications."

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