Analysis and solution for the cause of motor bearing overheating

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Analysis and solution for the cause of motor bearing overheating

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-13

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Reasons for motor bearing overheating and disposal methods:
1, the bearing is damaged. Should be replaced.
2. The rolling bearing grease is too little, too much or has iron scraps and other impurities. The bearing grease capacity should not exceed 70% of the total volume; those with impurities should be replaced.
3. The shaft and the bearing cooperate too tightly or too loosely. When it is too tight, it should be ground from the head; when it is too loose, it should be set to the shaft.
4. The bearing and the end cap cooperate too tightly or too loosely. The bearing chamber is processed when it is too tight; when it is too loose, the steel sleeve is set in the end cover.
5. The two caps or bearing caps of the motor are not properly installed. Install the end cap or bearing cap into the flat; tighten the screws.
6. The belt is too tight or the coupling is not properly installed. Adjust the belt tension; proofread the coupling.
7, the sliding bearing lubricant is too little, there are impurities or oil ring stuck. Should be refueling, new oil; repair or replace the oil ring.

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