Imprint floor process construction steps

Imprinting floor process

The stamping floor has now been widely used in our lives to promote the use of paving. Looking at the various textures and colors on the ground, are you wondering how it is constructed? In fact, the construction process of embossing the floor is not difficult, as long as the preparation is fully prepared before the construction, pay attention to the details of the treatment can be handled very well, coupled with high-quality flooring materials. Such an imprinted floor can guarantee no damage for more than ten years. The following is the time for you to increase your knowledge. Let's elaborate on the construction method of the imprint floor process.

The convenient overall forming of the indentation floor construction is also one of the features of the indentation floor. The indentation floor construction process can be completed in only six steps: 1. The surface of the indentation is roughed and treated: 1 cm cement slurry is added before the initial setting of the concrete surface. The hand iron plate will evenly level the concrete surface and grind the surface.

2. Spread hardened material: Dispense the specified amount of 2/3 hardener die floor evenly on the concrete surface of the initial setting stage. After the hardening material absorbs water and wet, use the hand iron plate to level and close the light to complete the first operation. The hardening of the initial hardening of the material to a certain stage, and then the second 1/3 material spread light leveling operations.

3, leveling light-hardening material: according to the hardening of the concrete, the implementation of at least three times the manual iron plate light collection and leveling operations, and light collection operations should be intertwined with each other.

4. Spreading and demoulding powder: In the initial stage of solidification of hardened materials, the surface is dry without obvious moisture, and a layer of release powder matching the hardened material is evenly distributed.

5, use the mold to suppress the pattern, keep the mold fixed and flat, press the pattern to a molding can not be heavy pressure.

6, smear protection agent, to achieve a variety of design styles, textures and colors, can also be a variety of color interactive design.

The process of embossing floors is not very simple. An ordinary construction team can complete the project. Liaoning Plind also provides you with a detailed video of the construction of the embossed floor and video of the construction of the permeable floor, allowing you to understand the imprint more intuitively. Flooring technology, as well as professional technical guidance, Prindel is more professional. Contact phone manager Zhang

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