How to properly debug the fire door monitoring system?

The fire door monitoring system is an important part of the fire fighting system. It is a very intelligent system. The fire door monitoring system is a technology that integrates industrial computer technology, fire communication technology, and anti-electromagnetic systems. This system can be in working condition for 24 hours so that real-time monitoring can be performed. If the fire door fails, it can be notified to the technicians in time, and the technicians can carry out the inspection according to the monitoring system.

The fire door monitoring system is the electric door closer of the fire door, and the magnetic switch of the fire door is also composed of inputs. For the difference between the environment and personnel in different places, so we must set the corresponding fire door system, fire doors for different locations have a corresponding debugging system.

1, normally open fire door debugging

The normally open fire door system is suitable for installation in densely populated areas and places where the passenger flow is relatively large. We are familiar with all shopping malls, hospitals, schools and other places. These places are relatively fixed, and there are usually people walking around the stairways in these places. The normally open fire doors can facilitate the circulation of people, so they will not choose Normally closed fire doors. Normally open fire doors are open under normal conditions. When a fire occurs, the alarm in the fire door will send an alarm signal. It can control the fire door to close automatically. After closing, it will send a signal to inform the technical personnel of the upstream control. The door is closed. When the fire occurs, it can block the smoke and effectively ensure the safety of the personnel.

2, normally closed fire door debugging

Under normal circumstances, the fire doors are in the closed state. In the event of a sudden fire, they must be able to ensure the obstruction of smoke in a timely manner. This will not only ensure the safety of personnel but also effectively prevent the fire. Normally closed fire doors are generally closed, so it is not easy for people to circulate, so large entertainment venues generally do not choose such fire doors. However, some fire incidents in recent years have shown that normally closed fire doors are always opened by people, so they will not be able to stop the smoke in time when a fire occurs. Many people are not aware of these fire prevention facilities and therefore will interfere with the natural work of fire prevention equipment. Fire doors will be damaged, so fire door monitoring systems are required to monitor them.

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