Prospective experts of the Central Economic Work Conference expect high-quality development to become the theme of the conference

The annual Central Economic Work Conference will be held soon, and the focus of economic work will be carried out next year, which has always been the focus of the market. Experts predict that in addition to supply-side structural reforms and high-quality development, it is expected that there will be many hot spots, such as developing direct financing, preventing financial risks, reducing taxes and fees, accelerating housing system reform, and promoting mixed reform of state-owned enterprises. Zhang Lianqi, managing partner of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants, said in an interview with the Securities Daily yesterday that 2018 is the first year of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress. It is an important year for the 13th Five-Year Plan. The key year of the three major battles is also to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. We must implement the new development concept, continue to maintain the overall tone of steady progress, strengthen the foundation of "stable", enhance the momentum of "into", and promote quality change, efficiency change, and power change. “From the high-speed development stage to the high-quality development stage, the GDP target for next year is set at around 6.5%.” Zhang Lianqi believes that fiscal policy will remain more active, implement large-scale tax reductions and reductions, reduce factor costs, and guide and improve entities. Economic expectations, focus on key points, strengths and weaknesses, and fill shortcomings. It is necessary to accelerate the development of multi-level capital markets, strictly control the quality of new share issuance, purify the market ecology, and maintain the bottom line of systemic financial risks. A report released by the National Information Center recently stated that in 2018, we should continue to adhere to the general tone of “stable and progress”, put the quality of economic development to a more important position, and propose to set the target of GDP growth forecast at 6.5. %about. It is recommended to maintain a proactive fiscal policy, control the national deficit rate to around 3.0%, moderately increase the issuance of local government special bonds, and actively promote the reform of the fiscal and taxation system. At the same time, we must adhere to a moderately moderate monetary policy, and actively and steadily de-leverage. We are not afraid of it. We propose to set the growth target of social financing scale in 2018 to 12%. "It is expected that high-quality development will become the keynote of this year's Central Economic Work Conference." Li Jin, a researcher at the Research Center for State-owned Enterprise Reform and Development of Renmin University of China, told the "Securities Daily" reporter yesterday that high-quality development solved "how to do it". The problem is also the question of "how to do it" and raises the standard question. Jiang Chao, chief economist of Haitong Securities, believes that high-quality development means that high-speed development is no longer the main goal. The target of economic growth in 2018 may continue to be diminished, and will not regain the old path of vigorously stimulating investment. In terms of preventing financial risks, Zhang Lianqi suggested that it should attach great importance to illegal fundraising risks, shadow banking risks, and local government debt out-of-balance risks. Focus on the implementation of “penetrating” supervision of off-balance sheet business and inter-bank business of financial institutions, and further break the rigid redemption of business such as asset management business and customer wealth management. In the reform of state-owned enterprises, Li Jin believes that the trend of reform and development of state-owned enterprises in 2018, including improving the quality of the supply system, focusing on de-leveraging, reducing the debt ratio of state-owned enterprises and stabilizing debts; managing capital is centered on reforming the state-owned capital authorization management system. Further decentralization and authorization, further separation of ownership and management rights; reform of state-owned enterprises focusing on mixed ownership economy, forming a breakthrough trend, increasing “strategic” restructuring, and cultivating world-class enterprises with global competitiveness. "The central enterprises have entered the era of large enterprises. It is only a matter of time before the current 98 companies are finally reorganized and merged into 80. In 2018, the process can only be accelerated. This is no suspense." Li Jin said.

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