Small apartment 60 square meters decoration what skills 60 flat small apartment decoration notes

There is still a lot of details needed for the decoration of the small-sized apartment of 60 square meters . Small-sized apartment is one of the types of units that many people will now choose. It is suitable for living in the world of single aristocrats and newly-married couples. The decoration of small-sized houses needs a lot more than normal houses. Energy, let's take a look at some of the tricks for a small apartment with 60 square meters .

Small apartment 60 square meters decoration what skills

1, the overall tone is bright color

Due to the relatively small space, the small-sized apartment needs to be decorated with bright colors to decorate. The bright color can give people a kind of flexibility and diffusion, so the small-sized apartment decoration design is best based on the bright color system.

2, light decoration

The small-sized units are suitable for light decoration and use furniture for rational arrangement. Such furniture mainly uses mobile functions and storage functions, not just heavy decoration.

3, line decoration

Lines are a very effective extension of the space, allowing the room to have a sense of abstraction, so it's good to use streamlined or abstract geometric patterns for small apartment renovations.

4, color wall

The color of the wall can be used to reflect the three-dimensional effect, as well as the role of space expansion, the use of brilliant colors can expand the space, broaden the horizon, so that people create a more open space illusion.

5, to avoid too strong regional division

The small-sized areas are divided rationally, and the use of partitions of different heights without materials is used to cut off the decoration of small units, resulting in the phenomenon of “crests” in small units, which not only hinders sight but also wastes space.

60 flat small apartment decoration notes

1. The space area should be divided clearly

Small users want to have a relatively small space, which is easy to give people a sense of depression, so the division of functional space must be clear. In this way, each space is complementary to interference, but the small space has great functions, giving people a sense of neatness, dexterity, and exquisiteness.

2, try to avoid using ceiling

The small space in the house requires attention in designing ceilings. It is necessary to ensure that the height of the house is suitable for ceilings. Do not let the height of the house be lowered due to ceilings. If you are under 2.5 meters, try not to ceiling. If the ceiling is also suitable for about 3 meters, but the ceiling pattern can not choose a strong sense of heavy, mainly light and simple.

3, lighting design should be sufficient

60 square meters of the house we want to ensure that it has enough light, so that it can give a visually spacious and bright feeling. We can use some glass materials as much as possible during the renovation. This will not block the light, but also to ensure the transparency of the room.

The above is to bring you the small apartment of 60 square meters of decoration techniques and decoration attention. After reading these renovations, if you just have a small apartment needs renovation, you can certainly help you, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention This site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Small apartment 60 square meters decoration small apartment decoration 60 square meters small apartment

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