Talking about the Characteristic Application of Integrated Camera

Compared with the traditional video camera, the one-piece compact and beautiful, has advantages in installation, more convenient, and its power, video, control signals have a direct socket, unlike traditional cameras have trouble connecting. All-in-one imaging system (lens), CCD, and DSP technology patents have been mastered by internationally renowned manufacturers. Compared to traditional cameras, the quality of all-in-one cameras can be well controlled. At the same time, integrated cameras have a wide range of monitoring and cost-effectiveness. The traditional camera positioning system is not flexible enough and requires manual focusing. The biggest advantage of the integrated camera is that it has an auto-focus function.
Can achieve good waterproof function is one of the characteristics of the integrated camera, the integrated camera outdoor type has a waterproof function, and the traditional camera must be used with the PTZ, protective cover can be used to achieve the waterproof function. There are now more submersible integrated cameras developed specifically for underwater operations.
For the service life of the camera, some manufacturers believe that the integrated camera lens is tightly sealed, is less affected by the external environment than the conventional camera, and has a longer service life; in addition, some manufacturers believe that the camera lens itself does not have a mechanical device and the lens is external. After bad, it can be replaced again, which will not affect the camera's camera performance. The built-in camera lens is built-in, and the camera body wears during lens zooming. Therefore, the life of the integrated camera is shorter than that of the traditional camera. However, the common view is that the service life of the integrated camera is related to the manufacturer's technology. Regardless of the integrated machine or the traditional bolt machine, the service life is affected by the camera's own components, manufacturing processes (such as waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, etc.) and installation. The influence of the environment (such as voltage, temperature, humidity, etc.). Generally speaking, a good product has a service life of 5-10 years. Actually there will be new alternative products after 5-10 years. Therefore, as long as it is not a product with too low a technology, the service life will not be very large. problem.
Integrated cameras are mostly used in government projects, high-end high-rise buildings, and shopping malls, schools, hotels, hotel lobbies, etc., as well as dust-proof and low-temperature, non-sparking motors that are especially suitable for places with high environmental requirements such as hospital operating rooms. Explosion-proof products. Other professional integrated cameras, such as military, aviation, polar, submarine, and biochemical environments, have different special functions such as anti-high pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, etc. because of their different uses.

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