The new C4L is coming back to Dongfeng Citroen to borrow a new product "counterattack"

Recently, Dongfeng Citroen launched the new C4L, power configuration 1.8L, 1.2T and 1.6T, the previous C4L 1.6L power configuration replaced with 1.2T small displacement engine. According to the reporter, there are not many manufacturers of mass-produced 1.2T, mainly concentrated in Volkswagen and Peugeot Citroen, two European car companies, and two American companies, GM and Ford.

In the case of many different powertrain engines on the market, is the new C4L equipped with the latest small-displacement 1.2T engine acceptable to consumers? In this regard, Dongfeng Citroen general manager Chen Yu said frankly that the 1.2T small displacement engine can not only solve the consumer's demand for power, but also solve the problem of fuel economy. I believe that as time goes by, everyone will gradually accept it.

In addition, it is understood that in addition to the C4 Picasso and C4L 1.2THP models, Dongfeng Citroen will continue to launch a variety of models including the new C5 in the second half of this year, further enriching the product line and narrowing the product with the "brother company" Dongfeng Peugeot. The number gap. In the future, the engine problem of the new car, Chen Hao said, "the small displacement 1.2T engine will not be only used on the new C4L, this is just the beginning, will be matched with more models in the future."

With 1.2T small displacement advantage is obvious

As we all know, the overall growth rate of China's auto market in the first half of this year has slowed down, and this situation is even worse in the highly competitive A-class car market. Still, in this worst and best era, who can take the lead in finding products that fit the needs of consumers will stand out from the competition.

Take the new C4L launched by Dongfeng Citroen as an example. It uses the 1.2 THP engine to refresh the previous minimum 1.4T engine. Although it does not have the same reputation as the “International Engine of the Year” in the same way as 1.6THP, but after adopting the small turbine technology of the same class, the turbine will intervene at 1000 rpm, and the peak torque of 230N·m can be achieved at 1750 rpm. . In actual driving, the 1.2THP engine has a power performance of up to 100kW, which is equivalent to a naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 2.0L. Another tempting thing is that under the “downsize” technology of the engine, its fuel consumption of 5.4L/100km can be subsidized by consumers who purchase new C4L.

Because of this, Chen Hao has high hopes for this model: from the product characteristics, whether it is powertrain, technology upgrade, the new C4L configuration still has a relatively large advantage. "From the planning of Dongfeng Citroen powertrain, Dongfeng Citroen hopes to bring sales increment to the company after the 1.2T engine is put into production."

Some senior industry insiders said that in recent years, the small displacement of automobile engines has become more and more hot. In the past, Volkswagen's 1.4T has been very successful, but nowadays major manufacturers are keen to introduce smaller displacement 1.2T engines. “Overall, small displacement supercharged is more advantageous than disadvantages. For example, in terms of fuel consumption performance, own weight and manufacturing cost, it is very competitive”.

"The small displacement three-cylinder engine is a very advanced balancing technology. From the previous experience, the 1.2T engine is very smooth and the response is very good. If this engine wins the international award this year, it must be real. Return." Chen Hao also said that the small displacement 1.2T engine will not be only used on the new C4L, and will be used in more models in the future.

Enrich product line to seize market share

In addition to the latest 1.2T small displacement engine, the second step of Dongfeng Citroen's “reverse attack” is to enrich the product line.

As we all know, mentioning Dongfeng Citroen, it will inevitably make people compare it with Dongfeng Peugeot. Although it is "same root", Dongfeng Peugeot seems to have been better. Regardless of the increase in car sales in the first half of this year, or the influence of the brand, Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen have opened a distance. The important reason for this is that Dongfeng Citroen's products are not as good as Dongfeng Peugeot.

According to Chen Hao’s analysis, the market sales situation of Dongfeng Citroen in the first half of this year is different from the company’s expectation, and the performance is “unsatisfactory”. However, the mid-size car market where Dongfeng Citroen’s main sales model is located has experienced an overall decline, SUV The growth has not offset the downturn in the car market.

In order to save this situation and seize more market share, Dongfeng Citroen plans to launch more new products in the second half of this year. In addition to the previously launched C4 Picasso, plus the recently launched C4L 1.2THP model, there will be T-Time New C5 1.8 in October. The THP model will be launched, and a new mid-size car will be available in the second half of the year.

It is understood that with the gradual listing of new cars, Dongfeng Citroen will carry out 48 city experience and new car listing activities in the marketing, so that regional target consumers will feel the advantages of this Dongfeng Citroen "humanity, comfort, technology" and new Product features.

In terms of regionalization of sales channels, Dongfeng Citroen hopes to seize the mid-western provinces with faster growth in the first half of the year, in order to gain more market share than the first- and second-tier cities with limited growth.

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