Huaihua Hecheng District investigated and dealt with unlicensed waste plastic pellets and workshops

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On the morning of August 12, the fourth group of the Law Enforcement Inspection Group of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law Committee of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress conducted law enforcement inspections in Heihua District, Huaihua.

Liu Huixiong, member of the inspection team and member of the Provincial People's Congress Agriculture and Rural Committee, said that during the inspection near the Sanyan Bridge in Chengdong, a waste plastic granule plus workshop was being produced to discharge waste water to Taipingxi. "After inspection, this workshop did not apply for administrative licensing procedures such as environmental impact assessment procedures, which is illegal and workshop."

Lan Yang, director of the Provincial Environmental Emergency Center, and other inspection team members took the water samples to the Huaihua City Environmental Monitoring Station for testing. Lan Yang introduced that the suspended solids in the discharged wastewater exceeded 3.37 times and the chemical oxygen demand (COD) exceeded 2.58 times. “We have reported the information to the Huaihua Environmental Protection Bureau and asked the municipal environmental protection department to investigate and deal with the illegal workshops. It must not be tolerated.” Lan Yang believes that these enterprises with great pollution should start from the source. The most effective means is to set up an accountability system for the approval of leading enterprises in polluting enterprises.

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