Shock! New robots can independently "breed offspring"

The University of Cambridge released a report on the 12th that the project of the university's researchers has developed an intelligent robotic system. The “parent” robot can manufacture and gradually improve the “child” robots of multiple generations without human intervention. A simulation of the concept of biological evolution in the robotics field.

According to the report, the project was carried out by the University of Cambridge and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The “parent” robot is actually a robotic arm, and the “offspring” it produced is a 6 cm square plastic square. This includes the drive motor. In many experiments, the robotic arm independently produced a total of 10 generations of "child" robots, each of which is superior in performance to the previous generation.

After a batch of "child" robots are produced, their motion status is photographed by the camera. A program automatically evaluates the distance, speed and durability of these "newborn" movements, and then feeds the improved area to the "parent" robot. , improved when manufacturing the next generation of robots. As a result, the last generation of "child" robots can move twice as fast as the first generation. This ability to evolve from generation to generation is very close to the evolution of living things.

The researchers compared the basic design of the "child" robot to the genome. In order to improve the performance of the "child" machine, the "parent" robot not only needs to gradually adjust the "child" gene, but also has some "independent innovation", some of which may not even be thought of by human engineers.

At present, most robots can only perform some repetitive tasks, such as simple assembly on the production line. Researchers say that today's technology does not allow robots to think and learn completely independently like humans, but by mimicking some of the subtleties of nature, the robotics world can make a big breakthrough in the future.

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