The kitchen or the first floor tile or the first shop wall tile Huang Xiaoming to answer your questions

Does the kitchen or kitchen floor first paving the wall ? In general, kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, there are two kinds of paving order, respectively, wall pressure and pressure wall, then how to arrange kitchen tiles? Here we will take a look at the kitchen or the first floor tile or the first wall tile .

Kitchen tiles first paved or first paved

How to arrange the order of the kitchen and tile wall tiles and floor tiles

It is possible to lay the walls first or to lay the floor first. Which kind of construction should be carried out first? The key is to pay attention to two questions: First, is it conducive to the protection of projects that have been constructed in advance? The second is whether it is conducive to a reasonable installation progress? If this problem is positive, there is no problem whether it is the construction of a brick wall or the construction of a brick.

What is the general practice of the construction party on this issue?

The practice of a general decoration company or construction party is to lay a wall first, then to lay a floor tile, to put on a wall tile, and then to put it on the floor tile. This will not affect the wall brick and will not delay the construction period. Therefore, the general construction side will take this method. If you first spread the floor tile and then the wall tile, you must wait for the floor tile to dry before laying the wall tile. If the floor tile is not completely dried, you can directly tile the wall tile and step on the floor tile. This will cause artificial damage. The emptying, loosening and inequality of the tiles! For your case, you first laid out the floor tiles. You need to wait for the floor tiles to dry before spreading the walls. Generally, it is not less than 24 hours.

The above description about the kitchen floor tile or the first shop wall tile is simple to introduce here, I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Floor brick wall kitchen wall tiles bathroom wall tiles

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