Ten advantages of counting network cameras

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Network camera is a kind of equipment that comes into being based on the combination of network technology and traditional cameras. What kind of advantages does it have for everyone to buy and use? The following ten points are carefully compiled by the security investment network, and I hope to help you with your use needs.
Web video camera
First, the network surveillance camera ends the problem of interlaced scanning;
Second, as a network monitoring system, everyone needs to carry out integrated wiring, which involves a network power supply problem;
Third, the current analog camera due to physical limitations, the image can only reach about 400,000 pixels, about 704 × 576; network cameras can easily do 5 million pixels, or even higher;
Fourth, it is a big selling point for network cameras and monitoring systems. Some network cameras have their own analysis functions;
Fifth, the network monitoring system integrates PTZ, P is a horizontal action, T is a vertical action, and Z is a zoom-in and zoom-out of the lens;
Sixth, the network camera not only transmits the video, power signal, and PTZ control signals through the network cable, but also intercepts the audio. The audio can also be transmitted through the network data line, and can be one-way, two-way, and reverse.
Seventh, network information security has been improved;
Eighth, the network video surveillance system provides a flexible system expansion space;
Ninth, the network camera system is a true digital solution;
Tenth, lower overall cost.

Kemtron KTL 48 Shaker Screen

Replacement KEMTRON KTL 48 Series Shale Shaker Screen – Steel Frame

SJ- Kemtron KTL-48 Shaker Screen is the replacement screen which is compatible with KEMTRON 48 series shale shakers. For maximizing the solids removal and discharge dryness, please contact us for ideal screen selection advice according to the practical flow rate and solids type. Please don't attempt to use sealant to extend the life of the screen, screen saver plugs are the wise choice and will seal off any broken cell within the screen.

Technical Parameter

  • Mesh Material: stainless steel 304/316/316 L.
  • Frame Material: Q235 steel.
  • Screen Type: XL, XR.
  • API RP 13C Designation: API 20 – API 230.
  • Package: packed in paper carton, shipped by wooden case

Adaptable Shale Shaker Model

SJ-Kemtron KTL-48 shaker screen  are used as the substitute screen for

  • KEMTRON KTL 48 shale shaker.
  • KTL-448 AG four panel shaker.
  • KTL-48 STD three panel shaker.
  • KTL-48D three panel shaker.
  • KTL-48 SS three panel shaker
  • KEMTRON 48 series desander.
  • KEMTRON 48 series desilter.

Competitive Advantage

  • Sturdy steel frame tube welded to multi-ribbed construction.
  • 100% interchangeable with OEM brands screen panel size.
  • SS 304/316 wire mesh cloth does not rust or delaminate.
  • Manufactured according to the API RP 13C (ISO 13501).
  • Scientific & reasonable cost control system for competitive price.
  • Adequate inventory in the shortest time to meet customers' demand.
Kemtron KTL 48 Shaker ScreenKemtron KTL 48 Shaker ScreenKemtron KTL 48 Shaker Screen

Kemtron Ktl 48 Shaker Screen

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