"Flexible waterproof coating" for new building materials

The flexible waterproof coating is a two component, high polymer modified cement based waterproof material. It consists of high-quality aggregates and selected additives powders and liquid polymer additives. After the powders are mixed with additives, they react chemically to form a tough elastic waterproof membrane. The film has good properties for concrete and mortar. Adhesion, which forms a tight and strong permanent bond with it, preventing water from penetrating.

First, the scope of flexibility waterproof coating

1, indoor and outdoor structure, prefabricated parts, brick walls and other waterproof.

2. Underground parking, tunnels, drainage and water supply pipes, floor ceilings, swimming pools, drinking water pools, etc.

3, there may be slight vibration, displacement, cracks in the building structure, around the nozzle, post-casting joints, joints or expansion joints, etc. waterproof.

Second, flexible waterproof coating reference dosage

1. It is used for moisture-proof, brushing a layer, thickness about 0.6mm, depending on the flatness of the base surface, about 1 kg/m2.

2, used for waterproofing, brushing two layers, about 1.2mm thick, according to the flat condition of the base surface, about 2 kg / m2. (The above dosage is the case where the base is flat)

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Label: "Flexible waterproof coating" for new building materials

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