Application of video surveillance technology in the field of food and medicine

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Security systems, especially video surveillance systems, are critical to the monitoring of the safe production process of food and medicine. In the food and pharmaceutical industry, since there is no centralized monitoring plan for the industry, it is still mainly based on local monitoring by manufacturers. In this way, the local video surveillance equipment is mainly composed of front camera, hard disk recorder, video matrix, video distributor, management console and other related equipment. The camera captures the front-end video and transmits it to the monitoring center through the cable/optical transceiver. The center records through the DVR and switches to the screen wall through the video matrix for real-time monitoring.
Application of video surveillance technology in the field of food and medicine

It is required to install HD cameras on the front end, such as with a PTZ, requiring flexible control; the terminal equipment requires 24 hours of uninterrupted work, and the storage time of the stored data is generally not less than one month, and the storage time of the video data of the key monitoring area is required to be half a year. about.
After the video surveillance system of the food and pharmaceutical production plant is put into use, the quality supervision personnel and the enterprise manager do not need to reach the production site, and can observe the state of the production process through video images, and can timely discover the illegal operation and wrong operation in the production process. The situation has improved the early warning and prevention capabilities of food and drug safety production, and provided the basis for post-mortem analysis for the quality and safety supervision of the quality supervision department, which greatly improved the supervision efficiency. At the same time, it has played a vigilant role in some malicious counterfeiting. Nie Junmin, general manager of the operation monitoring product line of Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd., believes that: “Food, pharmaceutical production and processing enterprises need to monitor the inspection, production, processing, packaging, quality control, finished product warehouse and large equipment. The link is convenient for the quality supervision department to obtain the live video of the whole process of production in real time. The most important thing is to realize the normalization of food and drug production process supervision through long-term video recording, and avoid the problem of narrow coverage of sampling. For example, the Xinfu event of Anhui Huayuan It is caused by serious violations in the production process and insufficient disinfection time. If there is video surveillance, the problem can be found in time to avoid accidents. In addition, if the video image can be superimposed with the production inspection data, in addition to recording the video image in time, It can also record production data synchronously, which provides an important means for accident location.” Suzhou Keda Nie Jimin also pointed out that monitoring the operation mode and truly sharing data can solve the repeated construction of multi-head supervision.
Now the production process monitoring is generally limited to the manufacturer's location, which also exposes defects. There may be manufacturers destroying the video in order to avoid accidents being supervised. Although it can only be said that "it is possible" or very few manufacturers, it is also exposed. The defects of local monitoring, such as the realization of industry network monitoring, in addition to the local image storage also uses the industrial monitoring center image centralized storage, the storage safety factor will be greatly improved.
Deng Wei, manager of Tiandi Weiye Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said: "In the process of implementing the plan, we must first define the specific needs of the production process monitoring. We can refer to the conventional monitoring system design initial plan, pay attention to the actual site investigation, and choose the correct perspective. The camera installation position. For the production line station monitoring, it is necessary to install the fixed camera at as many key nodes as possible to provide complete information for the accurate recording of the product batch production. For places that pay attention to the scene environment and equipment state changes, the collection can be The relevant data is superimposed on the video signal of the scene, and while watching the video image, the scene data information at that time can be known to judge whether the production process is normal. For the monitoring of the disinfection process, the disinfection temperature is superimposed, if the superimposed disinfection is found. If the temperature is lower than 105 degrees Celsius, you can judge the illegal production."
Jiang Mingsheng, general manager of Nanjing Vision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. also added: "The security monitoring project of the food and pharmaceutical industry also has additional requirements for wiring materials, such as fire, corrosion, explosion-proof and other related wires."

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