Common problems and solutions of engraving machine

One: The engraving machine does not move or move around in one or three axes
1: The control card is loose or faulty.
2: The driver of the corresponding axis is faulty.
3: Corresponding shaft stepper motor failure.
4: The corresponding coupling is broken or loose.
5: Corresponding breakage of the screw or failure of the screw nut.
6: The sliding of the corresponding shaft fails.
7: The number of driver subdivisions, current, and settings in the software are different.

Two: The z axis of the engraving machine is out of control
1: The control card is loose or faulty.
2: Electrostatic interference.
3: Z axis motor line fault
4: The file path is incorrect
5: Inverter interference
6: There is a problem with the computer system or there is a virus
7: Operation error

Three: Error
1: The control card is loose or faulty
2: Drive failure
3: Stepper motor failure
4: Electrostatic interference
5: motor line failure
6: Data line failure
7: The path is wrong
8: Coupling broken or loose
9: Processing speed is too fast
0: Computer system problem or virus

Four: Different shades of sculpture
1: The control card is loose or faulty
2: step near motor failure
3: Drive fault or current breakdown is inconsistent with software settings
4; Z axis motor line fault
5: Spindle motor failure
6: Inverter interference or incorrect data setting
7: Electrostatic interference
8: Computer virus or system problem

Five: chaos
1: control card failure
2: Inverter interference
3: The file path is incorrect
4: Electrostatic interference
5: There is a problem with the software settings
6: Fault in driver or current subdivision
7: Data line failure
8: Computer has a virus or system problem

Six: The bottom of the engraving machine is not even
1: The spindle is not perpendicular to the table. Need to be corrected
2: The knife has a problem
3: Problems with the control card

Seven: The engraving machine cannot return to the mechanical origin
1: In the opposite direction
2: The control card is faulty or loose
3: limit switch or data line failure
4: Drive failure
5: step near motor failure

Eight: how to do when engraving machine engraving lines are wider?
1, adjust the focus of the focus tube
2, the correct regulation of current

Nine: The reason why the engraving machine computer signal cannot be transmitted:
1. Incorrect software parameter setting 2. No connection between the machine and the computer 3. Problems with the serial port of the computer 4. The software transfer rate is inconsistent with the baud rate setting of the engraving machine.
1, reset the parameters
2, press the "offline" button to make the offline light off
3, use another serial port
4, reset the baud rate

X: Reasons caused by abnormal sound of engraving machine:
1. There are obstacles in the traveling route of trolleys and guide rails
2, the car off the rail
3, the origin coordinates are not set properly
4, the actual layout of the file is too large solution:
1, remove the barrier
2, righting trolley
3, modify the origin coordinates
4, modify the file

Eleven: engraving machine air carved reason:
1, optical path offset
2, the laser power is damaged
3, the relevant circuit or line is damaged
4, laser tube damage or aging
5, ammeter damage solution
1, refer to the instructions, adjust the optical path
2, replace the laser power
3, replace the circuit or line
4, replace the laser tube
5, replace the ammeter

XII: Reasons for the possible problems caused by the engraving machine's non-engraving
1, whether the power supply is AC220V50Hz
2, whether power
3, whether to open the switch
4. Has the serial port of the computer been connected to the engraving machine with a serial cable? Is the connection secure?
5, whether the output port setting of the software is consistent with the actual connection
6, whether to send the correct data format to the engraving machine solution
1, plug in engraving machine power, open the switch
2. Press the Start button to send a legitimate file containing the content you want to sculpt
3, restart the computer and engraving machine

XIII: When the software is opened, the computer prompts "Failed to open the card, please check the card" prompt.
1. Check whether the driver of the card is installed or change the card to a PCI slot.
2. Reinstall the two data cables and check for broken needles.
3. There is a problem with the board. Replace the board.

Fourteen: Prompt when opening the software: three-axis alarm, initialization error number four.
1. Check whether the two data lines of the computer and the machine are connected;
2. Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned and replace the fuse;
3. Check whether the 5V12V power supply is normal.

XV: Misplaced or inaccurate dimensions during engraving.
1. Check the path of engraving software is correct or not;
2. Check the gap size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw of the polished rod has loosened;
3. Check the software parameter settings are correct or not.
4. Check whether the ground is connected
5. Whether the computer has a virus

XVI: When the X-axis walks for a certain period, the Z-axis does not raise the knife, but it goes upwards but goes downwards.
1. Check whether the Z-axis motor is running normally, the power and the driver current.
2. Check the Z-axis motor cable for bad or medium breaks.

Seventeen: Spindle motor does not turn or reverse.
1. Check the settings of the inverter's parameters;
2. Whether the signal line of the frequency converter is reversed or not, connect the three lines of the motor connected to the frequency converter to any two lines.
3. Check whether the cable connecting the inverter to the control box is in good contact
4. If the inverter is connected in good condition, the motor will be damaged if the motor is not turned.

Eighteen: There is a sickle phenomenon.
1. Z axis motor power is not enough and the coupling is loose;
2. The Z-axis driver's current is too small, or the signal line is connected incorrectly.
3. Check whether the Z-axis motor cable is plugged in

Nineteen: Turns off the axis when the software is turned on.
1. Problems with the driver or poor contact of the computer's output signal lines;
2. Bad motor wire contact.
3. Check if the parameters set in the software are correct

Twenty: Limitations appear in the carving process.
1. Check whether the engraving path exceeds the engraving range;
2. Soft limits for parameter settings in the software.

Twenty-one: The machine does not have power when it is turned on.
1. Check the start button line is connected and the button is burned out;
2. Check AC contactor for short circuit or burnout.
3. Check whether the emergency stop switch is on
4. Check if the fuse is burned out

Twenty-two: The axis moves in only one direction when the button is in motion.
1. Check whether the optical line is working properly and whether the line is in good contact;
2. Check whether the motor circuit has a false weld.

Twenty-three: The sending software does not open properly, and the sculptured items are deformed.
1. Reinstall new systems and software;
2. Check whether the X, Y axis screws and screws are loose;
3. Carving knife has problems

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