LED large screen equipment selection guide

In general, according to the characteristics of different LED displays, combined with the actual needs of users, select the appropriate display.
For stations, terminals, entrances and exits to large markets, and pedestrian guidance at elevators, a φ5.0 monochrome display is used. It has the advantages of clear fonts, low price, and fleet control. For banks, shopping malls and other occasions to display corporate image, advertising and other applications, require low prices, use φ3.75 dual-color display, require display, use φ5 full-color display.
Use φ5 dual-color display for large hall area. Requires display effect, use φ1O full color display.
For the functional definition of the service window of business halls such as banks, postal services, and electric power, the previous method of using stickers was inflexible. Now with the display of φ3 or φ5, the service function of the window can be changed at any time.
The outdoor display has higher quality requirements due to the harsh environment of use. There are many factors to consider. From the point of view of use, full color is the mainstream in the future. Because of its high brightness, full color, all-weather work has its irreplaceable advantages, but the price is high. From the perspective of applications, there are reasons for the existence of products that meet the needs of users. Dual-color display screens have low prices, are mature and stable and occupy a large market, where display text and color requirements are not high and there is no blue color. The orientation and distance of outdoor screens are decisive for the price. The further away, the larger the pixel and the higher the brightness. It is much cheaper to face the northeast than to face the southwest.
1. The technical data provided by LED material manufacturers indicate that the lifetime of the LED luminaire is 10 million hours under the ideal state. The ideal state refers to the time during which the LED luminophore emits light to no light at all in a constant voltage and constant current state in the laboratory. 10 thousand hours is equivalent to 11 years. How much water is stored in a wooden barrel is determined by the lowest wood board, and LED display screens currently use civilian-grade devices for a service life of no more than eight years. As the function of the display is to watch, when the display is on only the evening to see clearly, it can not explain that it is qualified, has a use value. A car can be opened for 15 years and will be scrapped if it is idle for 3 years. The environment and methods of use have a great influence on the life of the product.
Second, compliance with the national standard: LED display general specifications for the 1995 ministerial standards. So far there are many companies claiming to be in line with national standards. After 8 years of technology development, it is no longer a standard. For example, if the control point is out of control, the national standard is 3/10000. Take φ3.75 indoor dual-color display as an example. . The screen with a standard resolution of 640x480 is generally 7 square meters, with 43264 points per square meter. According to the national standard, there are 90 out of control points. Who will pay for such a display today?
Third, the software is free: There is a common problem in Chinese display industry in the display industry - only production does not develop. At present, only a few companies have genuine software. It is illegal to use piracy right now.
Fourth, we must look at the performance to price ratio: It depends on the price of performance rather than simply looking at the price.
V. Grayscale: Grayscale as a dual-color and full-color display is an important indicator. The current market is flooded with many 16- and 64-level grayscale displays posing as 256 shades of gray. Its control cost is only one-fifth of the control of 256 gray scales. The easiest way is to play a VCD with more intense sports scenes to see if the LED display can be seen clearly.
Six, to buy the best, all the purchasing power comes from needs. Meet the needs and have some advancement. Blind pursuit will waste a lot of money to purchase functions that you don't need.
Seven, application is fundamental, as the application of consulting, software upgrades, hardware maintenance, maintenance and repairs, ultimately, manufacturers support.

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