Consumers must polish their eyes to guard against floor covering traps

Flooring and other home improvement building materials industry is different from the general fast-selling industry. When consumers complete the purchase, they indicate the end of the consumption process. After consumers purchase floors, they often need to communicate with home improvement companies and floor distributors about the floor pavement issues.
At the beginning of this year, the country's first home furnishing industry trade standard, "Home Furnishing Industry Service Standards," began to be implemented. The new regulations specifically stipulate that the actual cost of home furnishing service construction must not exceed 8% of the contract price stipulated in advance, exceeding the contractual requirements. The company pays for it, except for items that the customer has requested to increase.
Since the implementation of the new regulations, many decoration companies have begun to drill the loopholes of the “customer initiative to increase the number of projects except for this” rule, and inducing the owners to increase the number of items by intimidating and confusing in disguise. In the later period, if the relevant departments come to investigate, they will take the responsibility of the owners to take the initiative to increase the number of reasons to perfunctory, blindfolded, and will not be responsible for additional installation costs.
In a short period of time, the industry norm could not provide consumers with effective protection, and the floor covering traps are still all over again. The person in charge of YOSO Dance Flooring solemnly reminded consumers that regardless of which material floor you choose, you should be vigilant when signing the contract, and you should understand and master the paving session, and clarify your rights and interests. The construction team was refused to sway in the paving process to confuse the viewing and hearing.
The increase in malic renovations has mainly occurred in some small and medium-sized decoration companies that have a bad reputation. They first attracted owners to sign contracts at low prices, and then continued to increase fees and charges during the construction process, causing customers to fall into the "difficulty of riding on tigers."
If you are afraid of being pitted, consumers may wish to consider a new type of pvc flooring. Pvc dance floor is mainly "seamless welding", "paste construction tape fixed" these two installation methods. The first method requires a professional construction team to complete, but the construction difficulty and cost are much lower than traditional flooring materials. The latter paving method can be completed by the consumer. The simple, convenient and user-friendly installation method is also the main reason why pvc dance floors are increasingly popular among consumers in recent years.

Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Basic Information
CAS: 5470-11-1
MW: 69.49
EINECS: 226-798-2

Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Structure

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Application

[Use 1]
Used as an analytical reagent and reducing agent, as well as for organic synthesis and color film printing
[Use 2]
Used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals and organic synthesis, as a reducing agent and imaging agent, etc.
[Use three]
Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is an intermediate of guanidinium carbamate insecticides such as methomyl, aldicarb, thiodicarb, and the like, and is also a raw material for preparing 2,6-dichlorobenzonitrile, o-chlorobenzoquinone, and the like. .
In medicine, it is used to produce sulfamethoxazole, danazol, ethinyl estradiol, norethisterone, methyltestosterone, hydroxyurea, and chlordiazepoxide. A synthetic raw material for anticancer drugs (hydroxyurea) and sulfa drugs.
[Use four]
In the organic synthesis industry, as a reducing agent, hydrazines are prepared.
Dyeing blush intermediate.
It is also used as an antioxidant in fatty acids and soaps.
[Use five]
Used in the synthetic rubber industry as a short-term discontinuity agent that is not colored.
Analytical chemistry for the examination of aldehydes and ketone organic compounds and microanalysis of sulfonic acids,
Used as a depolarizer in electroanalysis.
Also used in the production of dyes.
[Use six]
Inorganic analysis of reducing agents, complexing agents, electroanalytical depolarizers, determination of magnesium in steel. catalyst. Swelling agent. Copolymerization inhibitor.

Hydroxylamine HCL CAS No.5470-11-1

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