Qi 2 Machine Tool Group 25000kN multi-station press production line

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Qi Er Machine Tool Group Design Institute Fu Yan

Our company's 25 000kN multi-station press production line is a major scientific and technological project of the national "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment". It has the characteristics of automation, high speed and compounding. As shown in the attached drawings, the main parameters are as shown in the attached table. Show.

The process route is set according to the production needs. The multi-station press production line includes the sheet material unloading system, the loading system, the sheet injection system, the multi-station press machine, the high-speed electronic multi-station transmission system, the blanking system, The operation is shown in Figure 2.

25000kN multi-station press production line

The multi-station press main machine can realize 25 000kN full load operation. The first station adopts numerical control hydraulic pad and is equipped with a wet clutch that can be locked at any position. When necessary, it can realize immediate locking at any position. The locking ensures that the position of the slider is fixed, which ensures the safety of the human machine.

The three-coordinate transmission device can program the control step and the beat to realize the variable station function. The clamping/lifting device adopts the electromechanical integrated overload protection device. Once the collision proximity switch appears on the screen, the operator is notified of the collision of the walking beam. Operation and downtime.

Basic parameters of 25000kN multi-station press production line

The design of the double loading trolley can realize the uninterrupted feeding of the same size sheet. According to the preset setting of the monitoring system, when a certain amount of material remains, the material will be fed by the material feeding tube, the machine inside the machine will be opened, and the outside machine will drive in. To achieve uninterrupted feeding.

The double material detection double material collection system can effectively protect the main machine and the mold from working normally. When the double material is caught, the sensor sends a signal, and the preset program control end picker transports the double material to the double material collection box, and then returns to the material and picks up the material again. Tablet, for normal work.

The 25 000kN multi-station press production line has independent intellectual property rights, and is currently undergoing trial and error. The successful development of this machine has important practical significance for improving the overall technical level of the domestic high-end multi-station press production line.

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