What problems should I pay attention to when using pesticides at low temperatures?

Pesticides play an important role in agricultural production. However, the unreasonable and rational use of pesticides often leads to a series of phenomena such as pesticide poisoning, excessive pesticide residues, and crop phytotoxicity. The rational use of pesticides is very necessary. The weather conditions of pesticides are also an important factor affecting the efficacy of pesticides. Today, the editor of China Pesticide Network focuses on “ What issues should be paid attention to when using pesticides at low temperatures ?”.
Precautions for the use of pesticides at low temperatures 1. Prolong the safety interval of pesticides
Appropriately extend the safe interval. In the low temperature season, the degradation rate of pesticides is slow, and the residual time in the crops is relatively long. It is necessary to appropriately extend the number of days (ie, the safety interval) of the last application of the crops to ensure food safety.
Second, appropriate increase in the amount of drugs appropriate to increase the amount of drugs used in low-temperature seasons, under the guidance of professional agricultural materials users to increase the amount of drugs, increase the concentration of liquid, but not exceed the "safe high concentration" (ie, the highest level of no phytotoxicity Allowed dose).
Third, choose the weather is fine or the temperature is high. When the application temperature is high, the activity range and respiratory intensity of the pest increase, and the feeding amount increases. At this time, the application is beneficial to improve the control effect.
Fourth, continuous improvement of the application method to improve the application method in winter and spring to prevent greenhouse crop pests and diseases, try to use the smoke method or dust method; if spray application, reduce the number of prevention and discharge, the amount of spray, prevent the shed humidity.
Finally, the Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian warm reminder: winter and spring low temperature season to control crop pests and diseases, we must pay attention to the use of pesticides with less temperature impact.

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