What to pay attention to when doing stone maintenance

Nowadays, there are a variety of stone products on the market, and many people will choose the one of their center instruments as their home decoration. However, I believe that many users have encountered such problems. The things that have just been used, because of random use, do not pay attention to maintenance, will become filthy after a few days, without the gloss of the past, causing a lot of troubles . The same is true of many stones, such as marble. Obviously, like many other products, the use of stone has a lot to pay attention to. So in our daily life, how should we maintain these stones in order to make them look clean and new, and extend their service life? The method is actually very simple. Let’s talk about the maintenance of stone. .

Marble is the most widely used in home decoration. When we first use marble, we should pay attention to its maintenance work. First of all, the maintenance of stone should pay attention to scrub. But this is also a certain amount of attention. For example, when marble scrubbing, avoid using a strong acid and alkali washing solution. These acidic or alkaline washing liquids will cause corrosive damage to marble. And this damage is unrecoverable, so pay special attention when using it.

In addition, after doing a good job of cleaning, it should also be noted that it cannot be allowed to dry naturally. Because of the infiltration of water for a long time, the material of the stone will be reduced, which will be damaged to a certain extent, affecting the beauty and use effect of the stone. Wipe clean with a clean, soft, dry towel to ensure the smoothness and color of the marble.

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