Solar Green Lighting Installation

1. Introduction to solar cells

Solar cells are developing rapidly. In the next 10 years, the average conversion efficiency of solar cells will reach about 30%, while the price will drop by more than half. Half of the lighting power can come from solar energy, reaching true green lighting from PN junctions to PN junctions. The solar cell is a huge PN junction. The LED is a PN junction that can convert electrical energy into light. Its conversion efficiency will be able to reach the level of energy-saving lamps in the future, and its service life can reach more than 100,000h. This is the real green. illumination.

2. The function of the solar battery

Solar cells mainly have the following functions:

1) Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection;

2) Automatically restore the discharge function after charging;

3) Anti-reverse charge (battery charging to solar battery);

4) Temperature compensation function;

5) Automatically turn on and off the light function (turn on at night and cut off load during the day);

6) Maximum 5A discharge current.

3. Solar green lighting circuit

The core of time-sharing and voltage-dividing control solar lamp technology is to control the input power of solar lamps according to the different requirements of people's contrast at different time periods in the night and the size of solar cells' energy absorption sites during the day, so as to meet the requirements of designing with minimum cost. The purpose of the most basic requirements for solar lights under the worst weather conditions.

The control circuit is suitable for a lawn lamp with 12 LEDs as a light source. Ul includes circuits such as turbulence, light control detection, pulse width modulation, and battery voltage detection. The pin 1 is the enable terminal, the pin 2 is the power supply voltage, the pin 4 is the load current adjustment port, the pin 5 is the opening and closing door, the pin 8 is the grounding terminal, and the pins 3, 6 and 7 are all floating. Changing the resistance of R4 can change the operating current of the LED. The most allowable current is 50OmA, and the current is the lowest when R4 is grounded.

J1 is a solar battery, J2 is a power switch, and J3 is a 2-cell Ni-MH battery. In order to reduce the tube voltage drop, Schottky diodes can be used for vDI and VDZ. Change R5, R6 can adjust the partial pressure protection value of the battery, change Chuan, RZ adjustable time-sharing value. This circuit can guarantee the lighting time on the basis of reducing the solar battery cost as much as possible, and has a very high cost performance.

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