Hardware companies how to choose the way of network marketing?

"Eye economy" and "Attention economy" have been proposed for many years. With the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, these characteristics have become more and more obvious. The major websites and businesses are resorting to mix-ups to compete for the attention of users. For this, I have the most impression on the professors of Clydeton University, Sina and recent CHINAJOY.

I remember that it should be opened in 2005, followed by a series of celebrities. Then the big or small celebrities began to write blogs and battles. Regarding the people's love of watching lively habits, Mr. Lu Xun has already said. Then the scene that appears naturally is that people are confrontation or gang fights. On the other side there are more than N people watching lively. It's really lively. Later, if you haven’t heard of Sina’s blog, it looks like you’re embarrassed to say hello to others, so go ahead and start a blog. The more you quarrel over there, the more crowded the crowd is and the more joyful the venue is, so now Sina appears.

Regarding CHINAJOY, it is said by netizens that in recent years, the clothes of the MMs on the CJ seem to be less crossed. If you do not affix the logo of each business, it is likely that it is the beauty contest site.

Simple and fancy, all for communication and marketing

In fact, no matter what kind of fancy, the ultimate goal is marketing. Although it is the era of eyeball economy, but see more, people will certainly be eye fatigue. Moreover, not what product is particularly suitable for this approach. Therefore, the professor of Clydeton University is more inclined to think about network marketing from the simple point of view, and does not like to put any so-called fashionable words such as interactive marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and XX marketing in the mouth. Simple and fancy, choice or combination

In the days when there is a large surplus of products, information explosions, and diversification of marketing methods, the effect of traditional infusion ads is declining. At this time, you need to find ways to communicate with the target users. Although watching the busy crowd, you may be able to become your user if the follow-up communication is better. However, for most companies, it is not easy to create incidents that attract many people's attention, and many big-class companies make marketing hype. Many netizens are not very buying, such as the most beautiful cleaners appearing in the auto show. ".

If the budget is limited, or because of the characteristics of the product itself, it is difficult to use the XX event as an attractive way to watch. Personally think that it is still a relatively simple way to do it. Such as soft text, forums, blog marketing, QQ group promotion. These methods have been talked about N times, but the simple things are not necessarily invalid. Imagine if your post can be highly popular in some popular Baidu post bars within a week. Can you imagine what the effect is?

Simple and honest does not mean that it is boring content. Adding a variety of media and plots does not mean that it is fancy. There is no obvious boundary between simple and fancy, and each may take advantage of the advantages of the combination of the results will be better. If you use a series of seemingly ordinary articles about health and wellness, and then launch some kind of health products with other marketing methods, it may become a simple but effective marketing method. If your product is indeed good quality and price advantage, you write a product list or a more similar type of post. In contrast, your advantage can be well played, and the possibility of achieving sales may be greater. If it is women's clothing or fashion products, the actual effect of affixing a certain woman's beauty, and even pulling out a story in a reasonable range, may be able to achieve good results. Different products require different details. The above examples from Clayton University professors hope that they can play a role in attracting talents, of course, but they can also be used as a reference.