Alarm Stand Achieves Triple-in-one Security Market Adds New Business Opportunity

It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security is currently advancing the integration of the 110, 119, and 122 alarm systems across the country. That is, the police, police, and traffic accidents have all been combined into 110. According to the Ministry of Public Security, as of December of last year, there were already 2,088 public security agencies at the county and city level in the country that achieved the “three unity” and 294 prefecture-level public security departments had achieved “three unity”.

At present, the work of the three units is being implemented in small cities at the county level and prefecture-level cities, but no action has been taken in the big cities. Relevant sources said that the plan is due to the fact that “small cities have fewer alarms than big cities, so it is relatively easy to integrate. Large cities have too many alarms. If they are integrated immediately, they may cause the alarm lines to be overloaded, so they are Do related preparations."

It should be said that "Three Unity" is a long-standing work. The first three units can integrate existing alarm resources and avoid wasting alarm resources. At present, the three units are being promoted nationwide implementation, but there is no specific timetable, just a transitional period.

For the security market, Sanhei undoubtedly means that the security industry has brought new business opportunities.