Adjustable Feature of the HD Ip Cameras

For a single high-definition network camera, the main sync adjustment the following three types: internal synchronization, the use of hd ip camera inside the crystal oscillation circuit generates a sync signal to the completion of the operation; external synchronization using an external sync signal generator synchronization signal to the outside of the high-definition network camera synchronization input to achieve synchronization; linear locking or row locking AC power to complete the vertical promote the use of hd ip camera synchronization, HD ip cameras and the power zero line synchronization.
System managers hope the video input signal is a vertical synchronization of multiple high-definition network camera surveillance system, which transform the output of hd ip camera screen without causing image distortion, but due to the monitoring system consists of more than one monitoring HD ip cameras, camera composition, power may be provided by the different phases of the three-phase power, or even the entire monitoring system and AC power are not synchronized, the measures to be taken at this time: by an external sync signal generator external synchronization input of the synchronization signal is fed into the high-definition network camera to adjust the synchronization. HD ip camera phase adjustment potentiometer, due to the high-definition network camera at the factory, the vertical sync on the rising edge of the in-phase AC power is zero crossing, each hd ip camera has a different phase shift through the use of phase delay circuit to obtain the appropriate vertical sync phase adjustment range from 0 to 360 degrees.
All hd ip camera has a video amplifier from the CCD signal amplification can use the standards, the gain is equivalent to a higher sensitivity, can guarantee its sensitivity in low-light environments, however, the amplifier will overload so that the video signal will distortion highlight illumination environment, and to this end, we need to take advantage of high-definition network camera automatic gain control (AGC) circuit to detect the level of the video signal to switch the AGC timely, so that the hd ip camera can be larger illumination within the scope of the work, this is the dynamic range of the illumination automatically increases the sensitivity of the hd ip camera, thereby increasing the intensity of the image signal to obtain a clear image. HD ip camera usually the AGC working point is determined by the average of the contents of the entire field of view, but if a bright background area exists in the same field of view and a very dark foreground object, then the determined AGC point there may be inappropriate for foreground objects backlight compensation is likely to improve the prospects of the target display condition. When the backlight compensation is turned on, the high-definition network camera only for the entire field of view of a sub-regional average to determine its AGC operating point, if the foreground object is located within the sub-region, the foreground object visibility is expected to improve .
The charge accumulation time of the imaging surface of the optical electric control to manipulate the shutter, the electronic shutter controls the CCD accumulation time in the CCD within the definition network camera is, when the electronic shutter is closed, for NTSC hd ip camera, the CCD accumulation time is 1 / 60 seconds; PAL HD ip camera compared to 1/50 of a second. When the the HD camera electronic shutter open, the the NTSC HD network camera electronic shutter covering the range from 1/60 sec to 1/10000 sec 261 Step by step 311; the PAL type definition network camera electronic shutter cover from 1/50 seconds to the range of 1/10000 sec. When the electronic shutter speed increases, the time allowed in each video field, focusing light on the CCD to reduce the sensitivity of high-definition network camera, the result will be reduced, however, a higher shutter speed for the observation of the moving image will produce a "pause action "effect, which will greatly increase the dynamic resolution of hd ip camera.