Hardware industry model: Harbin Measuring Tool Group III ** Bao Ying Business Opportunities

The leading company of the tooling industry in China, Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tools Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Harbin Group) successfully completed the “double jump” during the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises in the past ten years: The company - Germany's Kaishi Company stepped up to the stage of the international tooling industry; in 2009, it joined China General Technology Group and began to move toward a group of companies with strong international competitiveness.

Merger "Kaishi" Opens up New Path for State-owned Enterprise Reform

The Harbin Group is the only company that manufactures measuring tools among the key projects supported by the Soviet Union during the "1st Five-Year Plan" period in China and has made historic contributions to the country's economic construction. In the middle and late 1990s, in the process of transition from the planned economy to the market economy, the Harbin Group once managed to decline and the loss increased. By the beginning of 1998, the company had accumulated a loss of more than 67 million yuan, and had defaulted employees' wages for eight months, which was extremely dire.

The grim situation forced the Hakka people to choose a reform. Since 1999, Harbin Group has established a precision measuring instrument company, a numerical control cutting tool company, and a numerical control machine tool company integrating scientific research and manufacturing through the implementation of assets and personnel reorganization. The product structure has evolved from the past four categories into precise quantities. Instrumentation, CNC cutting tools, CNC machine tools, universal measuring tools and standard cutting tools five categories. At the same time, through the “four unified management” and network construction of the three system reforms of labor, personnel, and distribution, the innovation mechanism has gained vitality, and the market has been actively mobilized. It has successfully achieved “two years of relief, three years of turning, five The phased goal of healthy development in the year brought back a company that was on the verge of collapse.

At the end of 2004, Harbin Group received a message that KELCH, a well-known enterprise in the world tool measuring industry, entered bankruptcy protection procedures and is seeking mergers and acquisitions worldwide. After studying, Hadley believes that: Kaishi’s existing technology is at the leading level in the world, and its leading products are exactly in line with the development direction of Haerbin and can promote the upgrading of similar products. As a result, the Harbin Group resolutely made the decision to merge and acquire the Lion, and achieved the goal of “implementing M&A and restructuring in restructuring, promoting restructuring in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and M&A and restructuring”. Today, the Harbin Group has completed the integration of resources and the internationalization of products for the Lions and the parent company, and the ability to independently innovate has been significantly improved. Joining "GM" to strengthen China's measuring tool brand

After completing the restructuring of the company and reorganizing Germany's Kaishi, the Harbin Group began planning for the introduction of strategic investors in order to push the company to a higher development platform. After careful selection and more than one year of negotiation and negotiation, Harbin Group officially joined China General Technology Group in March this year and became a new member of China's GM family.

After joining the China General Motors Group, the Harbin Group solved the debt problems that plagued development and kept asset-liability ratios at a good level. Haliang Group puts forward that in the next 10 years, it will focus on the development of high-precision, high-reliability precision measuring instruments, numerical control tools, CNC machine tools, and key functional components; consolidate and improve large-scale, wide-ranging conventional gauges and numerical control tools. Such as products; to further enhance the market share of traditional cutting tool products, to ensure the leading position of the domestic industry, the company will become a strong international competitiveness of enterprise groups. By the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan," the proportion of high-end products will increase from the current 45% to 70%, which will make greater contributions to the revitalization of the national equipment manufacturing industry.

For the key functional components of CNC machine tools, large-scale tool magazines and high-speed precision electric spindles are currently mainly dependent on the status of imports. The Haliang Group proposes to adopt a combination of imported technology and independent research and development to make the products fill gaps in the domestic market. Meet the needs of China's large-scale numerical control equipment. Focus on the development and production of CNC spiral bevel gear machine tools, provide users with a full set of solutions such as design, processing, and strive to replace imports to meet the needs of China's automobile manufacturing and other industries. With its own innovative technology "dangerous" in the search for "machine."

The international financial crisis that took place last year has had a major impact on the European market. The Harbin Group that merged with Germany’s Lion’s company has also experienced pains.

The powerful "internal strength" allowed the Harbin Group to find "accidents" in the "crisis" under the impact of the financial crisis. Harbin Group Supervisory Board **Feng Lianjia said: “By reorganizing the company, we have acquired its technology, brand, and sales channels, especially intellectual resources, which is equivalent to completing a 'three-dimensional technological transformation' because of our many engineering technicians. The interaction with the staff has now fully grasped the manufacturing technology of some products and is implementing a new round of technological transformation to achieve greater scale production. The goal is to achieve the top three production and sales volumes in the world."

The gear measurement products representing the highest level of similar products in China are the leading products of the instrument category. Current products with a measuring range of 2 meters or less have been commercialized, and large gear measuring instruments measuring diameters of more than 3 meters are being developed to meet the wind power in China. Testing needs for power generation and other industries. Prior to this, China’s similar products mainly relied on imports. After products with independent intellectual property rights were introduced to the market, similar foreign products were significantly reduced in price, with an average price of about 700,000 yuan.

With a number of indicators such as product quality, technology level, and market share, Harbin has ranked top in the industry for many consecutive years. "Lianlianhua" (LINKS) products have been awarded "China Top Brand" and "World Market China (Machinery) Ten Big Year Brand." At present, the LINKS trademark has been registered in the European Union and has become the only company in the same industry in the country that has registered its own independent intellectual property trademark internationally.

At present, the Harbin Group is able to manufacture all kinds of tool holder series products with different specifications for CNC machine tool spindles in the world. The production and sales volume of this product ranks first in China and ranks fifth in the world. “Independent innovation is the key to enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. In any case, our short legs are constrained by people. Everyone in the equipment manufacturing industry has such an experience. Only self-reliance can be independent, and only innovation can develop.” Harbin Group Party Committee, Chairman Wei Hualiang said.