Zhongshan's five major measures to promote the economic development of private industries such as hardware

The municipal government of Zhongshan City unwaveringly supports the development of the private economy. The private industry in Zhongshan has maintained an increase of more than 20% for many years. At present, the city boasts 14 provincial-level technology-professional towns based on private enterprises, including ancient town lighting, Siu Lam Hardware, Dayong mahogany furniture, Nantou appliances, Dongfeng Electronics, and Shaxi clothing, and more than 400 brand names at or above the provincial level. Standard. In 2009, the city’s private economy added 70.462 billion yuan, accounting for 45% of the city’s total GDP. From January to June this year, private enterprises above designated size realized total industrial output value of 84.33 billion yuan, an increase of 23.1%.

(I) Taking the public technology platform as an entry point to enhance the independent innovation capability of private enterprises. The first is to grasp the construction of a regional common technology platform. The Institute of Equipment Manufacturing Industry was promoted in cooperation with key national academies to establish various technological innovation platforms and industrial technology alliances to provide technical support for the development of key industries. The “Zhongshan Appliance Innovation Center” was established to provide technical support for the bigger and better appliance industry. Supporting the healthy pharmaceutical industry base to participate in the “South China New Drug Creation Center” to absorb the talents, technologies, projects and financial advantages of the provincial major pharmaceutical innovation platform, and accelerate the development of the health pharmaceutical industry. The second is to focus on the construction of professional service platforms for public services. Launched the "common technology platform construction" special plan. Xiaolan Productivity Promotion Center was successfully established as a "National Model Productivity Promotion Center." Established the semiconductor lighting industry technology alliance and invested more than 10 million yuan to build a public inspection platform. The third is to grasp one-stop patent service project. The patent database of the lighting industry was co-developed with Beijing Oriental Furnishings Co., Ltd., covering more than 1 million patents related to lamps, lighting and applications in 41 countries and regions, and attracted more than 500 lighting companies to use the database. The Thomson Scientific Information Group, an important global technology and patent information service organization, has been introduced to provide innovative services such as patent indexing and patent applications for corporate innovation. Established strategic intellectual property cooperation partnership with Beijing Cube Law Firm and built a pilot platform for patent rights protection. Fourth, we must focus on the construction of a corporate engineering center and accelerate the accumulation of innovative resources for enterprises. Support the construction of enterprise engineering centers at or above the provincial level, and focus on supporting superior enterprises in applying for the establishment of state-level engineering centers or key laboratories. At present, there are 198 engineering centers at all levels in the city, of which 20 are above the provincial level.

(II) Taking the famous brand name strategy as a breakthrough to cultivate and expand the leading private enterprises. The first is to concentrate on cultivating, supporting, developing and protecting a group of regional brands in terms of technical innovation, corporate listing, mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of high-end talents, and development of land. The use of regional brands will drive the development of advantageous industries and increase the overall competitiveness of the regional economy. The second is to cultivate and expand private enterprises. For example, Ming Yang Electric Co., Ltd. used five years, from scratch, is currently moving toward 10 billion in output value. Dayang Electric Co., Ltd. established a three-in-one technological innovation capability upgrading system. In 2009, its sales revenue was nearly 1.45 billion yuan, and its profits and taxes exceeded 100 million yuan. It is estimated that in the next 3 years, total sales revenue will reach 5 billion yuan, which will become a domestic micro-motor industry and New power vehicle drive system leader in the field of manufacturing. Zhongshan nurtured large private enterprises with good growth, actively played its leading role, strengthened a batch of supporting enterprises, extended a number of industrial chains, and allowed private small and medium-sized enterprises to grow together with 10 billion enterprises and 100 billion industrial clusters.

(III) Supporting financial special projects to expand the financing channels of private enterprises. The first is to improve the financial industry support for the development of private enterprise development policy system. We will formulate a series of policies for the development of the financial industry, improve the policies supporting the development of private enterprises in the financial industry, and create an excellent financial ecological environment. The second is to implement the SME financing support policy. The municipal government will allocate 100 million yuan to set up a special fund for key SME financing support, mobilize the enthusiasm of banking institutions and guarantee agencies through ** risk compensation, ** interest subsidies, ** guarantee subsidies and incentives for banking institutions, and reduce the financing costs of key SMEs. . At present, more than 600 enterprises in the city benefit. The third is to guide companies to go public. Implementation of the "Opinions on Promoting the Listing of the Venture Business Boards of Zhongshan Enterprises", holding a corporate listing training course, fostering the listed resources for enterprises, and promoting the restructuring and listing of enterprises. At present, there are 80 listed companies in the city. In 2009, the Enterprise Equity Investment Project attracted nearly 100 domestic and foreign outstanding strategic investment institutions to actively participate, and the contracted amount exceeded 2.49 billion yuan. Through equity financing, enterprises have expanded the scale of direct financing and opened up new financing channels. The fourth is to accelerate the innovation of the science and technology financial system. The development of financing services for science and technology enterprises and the establishment of Zhongshan City's scientific and technological innovation investment ** have become the first batch of pilot cities for science, technology and finance in the province. Establish 50 million yuan of key scientific and technological SMEs financing support funds, all as a risk reserve, enlarged by 20 times through cooperative banks and cooperative guarantee companies. The "Technology-Linked" project was launched to provide ** channels for technology-based companies that have separate mortgage conditions for intangible assets such as patented technology, intellectual property rights, and equity. Currently, 5 loans totalling 40.5 million yuan have been successfully loaned.

(d) Focusing on optimizing government services to help private enterprises expand their markets. First, the municipal party committee and the municipal government formed 13 supervision teams led by the city’s four team leaders. The municipal government sent four perennial work supervision teams to the grassroots and enterprises, and supervised and implemented the work for the development of the private economy. Widely publicize and implement the national, provincial, and municipal development of private economic policies to solve the difficulties and problems in the development of private economy, solve problems for key enterprises and key projects. The second is to support private enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets. A special support fund of 15 million yuan will be set up to give booth subsidies to enterprises participating in key exhibitions at home and abroad, and encourage companies to participate in the exhibition to expand the market. Conduct 13 special professional exhibitions in the city, organize series of economic and trade promotion activities such as ASEAN, India, and Japan, and organize a formal economic and trade talks with the Swiss guest country model, set up annual exhibitions of Zhongshang goods in Amsterdam, and open markets in Dubai and the United States. Product fairs. Zhongshan Zhongshan Industrial Products (Europe) Marketing Center will be established to guide and support a number of advantageous companies in Europe to carry out publicity and promotion combining corporate image and quality display, and to expand domestic and international marketing networks with independent brands or industry brands. The third is to deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval to improve administrative efficiency. Canceled city-level examination and approval items, fully implemented "one-net type" administrative examination and approval services, and 530 approval processes for 53 departments were all handled online. General project approvals were shortened from 17 days to 2 days, and government investment for key project approvals was shortened by 350 days. For 98 days, the social investment portion was shortened from 230 days to 81 days.

(5) To deepen the cooperation between industry, universities, and research institutes to promote private enterprises to attract talents and attract talents. The first is to set up an innovation alliance for production, education and research. Around the development needs of private enterprises, attract famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad to set up research and development institutions in Zhongshan, and encourage national key laboratories and national engineering (technical) R&D centers to set up R&D branches in enterprises. In emerging industries such as LED, new energy vehicles, biomedicine, and entertainment animation, a number of technology alliances will be built with backbone enterprises as the mainstay, universities and scientific research institutes to jointly overcome key core technologies and common technologies. Established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 100 universities and research institutes, and introduced more than 10 key laboratories to establish branch R&D institutions. The second is to build a major innovation platform for production, education, and research. Strengthen the management of innovation platforms, promote cooperation projects to form productivity as soon as possible, and make the innovation platform truly become a gathering point of innovation factors, a research and development highland for innovation achievements, and a highland for the transformation of innovation achievements. Two provinces have established a production-learning-research innovation alliance and nine demonstration bases. More than 400 companies have participated in the cooperation between production, research and development, and more than 800 cooperation projects have helped companies invest more than one billion yuan in R&D. The third is the implementation of the "thousands of thousands of people" scientific and technological talent action plan. More than 230 experts and professors from 66 key universities and research institutes in China have settled in 179 science and technology enterprises in the city. In the next three years, we will strive to recruit 1,000 science and technology personnel from key national universities and scientific research institutions to the city’s enterprises and townships to form a powerful team of high-end innovative talents who will serve the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises.