Water ring vacuum pump installation instructions

First, the installation of pumps and motors: Vacuum pumps and compressors before installation, hand rotating coupling to ensure that the pump is not stuck and other damage. When the package arrives at the installation site, if the package is damaged or damp, and the pump has been delivered for more than eight months, it should be completely unpacked before installation. If the vacuum pump or compressor is properly installed, align the motor shaft with the pump shaft when installing the pump and motor on the pump base as there is very little tilt between the motor shaft and the pump shaft that can cause bearing heating and parts Serious wear and tear The calibration method is as follows: Place the ruler parallel to the coupling, the ruler should be completely close to the circumference of the coupling at any position of the whole circumference, there is no gap, and the axial clearance of the coupling is equal The required concentricity. Motor and pump shaft, even with minimal tilt, can cause serious consequences such as bearing heating and premature wear of the part. If installed correctly, the pump shaft can be easily rotated after use. In the pump inlet filter should be installed to prevent foreign matter into the pump chamber. Second, the installation of steam separator: water separator installed on the foundation according to the outline. If you must change the installation location, it should be noted that the separator connecting pipe should not be too long, turning should not be too hasty, or water and gas flow in the pipeline will certainly increase the loss, thereby increasing the exhaust pressure on the pump, thus reducing the Volume and vacuum increase power consumption. Third, the pump and steam separator pipe installation: The pump exhaust pipe should be connected with the separator, as a compressor, the separator pipe should be used with compressed air system . If there is no exhaust line when the vacuum is drawn, the gas is discharged to the atmosphere directly from the exhaust port on the separator. If it is required to drain outdoors, the outlet of the separator can be led to the outside through the pipeline. In the pump inlet pipe should be installed on the valve control, so that parking, to prevent the pump working fluid vacuum suction system, back to the system. When used as a compressor, if there is pressure on the exhaust line, valves should also be installed on the exhaust line of the separator. Fourth, the regulatory structure: water ring vacuum pump is installed in the intake pipe on the intake line to adjust the degree of vacuum valve and gas volume. When used as a compressor, the pressure on the compressor can be adjusted by a valve mounted on the exhaust line. When the compressed gas is not allowed to be discharged because of its conditions of use, there should be an air duct between the air inlet pipe and the exhaust pipe, the diameter of which is the same as the diameter of the valve so as to adjust the air volume and pressure to the maximum extent.