The property market ushered in "winter" hardware locks how to winter

Recently, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to propose that a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy will be implemented next year, and pre-adjustment and fine-tuning will be made according to changes in the situation. At the same time, it is proposed that the policy of maintaining house price control will not be shaken and promote the reasonable return of house prices.

These policies once again demonstrate the determination of the central government to adhere to real estate regulation and control, and the situation of the property market will be more severe. It is reported that under the continuous pressure of macroeconomic regulation and control, there have been many poor urban residential market performances.

The downturn in the property market will inevitably have a great impact on the home building materials industry. As a downstream industry in the industry, hardware locks have also been greatly affected. How to use hardware locks to get into this "cold winter" and stabilize your market?

China's locks have experienced decades of development, the scale of the industry has continued to grow, product coverage has been continuously expanded, and comprehensive competitiveness has improved. However, hardware locks are still in the low-end development period, so to improve the competitiveness of the industry, it still needs to start from many aspects:

First, there are brands to have a market

According to the electromechanical online editor, many hardware lock companies even have an advanced patented technology, and then similar lock products will appear in the hardware lock market. These are due to the market confusion caused by the weak awareness of the protection of lock patents.

The low threshold of the hardware lock industry has caused many companies to have no brand awareness. The hardware market is everywhere, there are brands, no brands, and in short, it is a mixed bag. Hardware locks have low barriers to entry, and many hardware lock companies have many types of products, low quality requirements and low prices. Therefore, the hardware locks need to have their own brand, get the recognition of customers, and quickly establish their own prestige in the industry.

Second, the combination of technology and products

Today's consumers are increasingly inclined to intelligent products, the emergence of smart locks, people have begun to get rid of the dependence on the key, safe and convenient.

Therefore, hardware lock enterprises should seize the opportunity, market-oriented, adjust and optimize product structure, and seize the market of high-end lock products. Carry out scientific and technological research, improve the intelligence and informationization of locks, and graft advanced technologies such as electronics, mechatronics and biometric computer technology to lock products. And through the integration of innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, accelerate the progress of new product development.

Third, personalized products into a development trend

Today's consumers are more concerned about the humanization of products. Hardware locks require developers to conduct extensive and in-depth research on the indoor locks in the existing market from the application of the products, user needs, and consumer habits. In combination with feedback from senior industrial customers such as door factories, the lock function has been carried out. New design to meet the needs of the family.

According to the survey, many locks meet the human needs of consumers in the following aspects: the sound of the switch door lock should be soft and silent; prevent the elderly or children from being locked in the door; have certain anti-destructive and confidentiality when necessary. There is also the convenience of installation. For example, by using the uniqueness, non-replicability, easy to carry, unforgettable, and non-lost characteristics of fingerprints, fingerprinted locks will have a broader market prospect.

Regardless of how the market changes, the mechanical and electrical online editor believes that the hardware lock industry must clarify the basic direction and strategy of its own development. In the market competition, it shows more flexibility and responds to the crisis in time. Although the hardware lock industry has been developing in China for many years, it still needs to raise the vigilance of reasonable risk avoidance and continuously improve and improve in the industry.

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