Japanese police ban illegal export of carbon fiber

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Ministry of Public Security transferred an illegal case of carbon fiber to the prosecution on the 7th. What was involved was the former manager of synthetic resin manufacturer Krefine, who was suspected of exporting carbon fiber that could be used for military purposes to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Krefine is a subsidiary of chemical giant Kureha.

The minister was suspected of exporting three pieces of carbon fiber prepreg (worth approximately 600,000 yen) to Hong Kong and Taiwan twice in January and May 2009 without the approval of the mechanized production. This carbon fiber can be used to make fighter jets or engine nozzles.

According to the police, the minister maliciously used special cases where export products were less than 50,000 yen without the approval of the production phase, and lied to the customs that the carbon fiber board was a sample and was exported at a price of 100 to 7,250 yen per block.

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