Overview of single screw pump

Single screw pump work is the same outer surface of the rotor in the corresponding inner surface of the stator meshing to form a special contact line, so that the stator cavity is separated, the contact line said seal line when the rotor rotates by a certain track, the seal Axial axial movement, but also to make the axial movement of the stator cavity, the volume displacement, then disappear at one end of the seal line, but also from the other end of the new seal line, followed by the media from one end to the other. Screw-type oil-gas hybrid pump due to the use of a flexible rubber stator, it requires a certain amount of interference with the rotor meshing, making it a reliable seal when the seal line when the pump can effectively prevent the gas through, So as to achieve the purpose of conveying gas. When the medium contains solid particles, if the solid particles are squeezed in the sealing line, the surface of the stator rubber is compressed due to the elastic effect of the rubber stator. The solid particles cross the sealing line and the stator rubber rebounds back to its original shape In this way, the single screw pump can realize the purpose of containing trace amount of solid particles in the transportation medium. General single screw pump transmission medium of nature, the state is more complex, may cause blockage in the pipeline.Because the single screw pump is a positive displacement pump, when the blockage or man-made mistakes, it will cause the pump overpressure, very Easy to damage its components.In order to prevent damage to the pump, the safety valve must be installed between the discharge pipe of the pump and the suction pipe, a pressure relay can also be installed on the outlet pipe, and the pump can be stopped automatically when the pump exceeds the rated pressure. In the actual design of single screw pump oil and gas mixing process, according to the specific circumstances of the oil region, a comprehensive analysis of oil and gas mixing capacity, oil and gas production, oil and gas ratio, oil recovery, transmission distance and many other factors, many investigations and studies Comparison of programs, select the appropriate hybrid pump type, to develop a reasonable process layout, in order to achieve safe, scientific, reliable and economical operation of oil and gas mixed transportation.