Haiyan pushes "Enterprise Joint Insurance" to break the fastener industry ** problem

Haiyan Super Standard Parts Co., Ltd., Haiyan Zhaofeng Fasteners Co., Ltd., and Haiyan Jiansheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.... 8 original independent companies, because of the “Enterprise Joint Guarantee**,” became two groups of “cluster” partners. Not only are they quick and easy to succeed, but they also become "life-and-forth ally" in the fastener industry.

“Our four companies set up a joint security team and obtained a maximum amount of 23.6 million yuan from the county credit union. This effectively solved the problem of financing for our SMEs, and at the same time we tied us together and let us Become a community of interests and risks." A few days ago, Haiming Guangming Hardware Products Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhang Shouming through the "corporate warranty **" received 3.2 million yuan ** when the credit is said.

Zhang Shouming has been engaged in the hardware industry for many years and is mainly engaged in the production and sales of nuts. The annual production value is about 50 million yuan. “In the post-financial crisis era, the market has stabilized and the order has started to rise again. I have always wanted to make my business bigger. However, due to the lack of effective collateral, several applications to the bank were rejected.” Haiyan Super Standard Parts Limited The company, Haiyan County Chengcheng Fasteners Co., Ltd., and Haiyan Zhaofeng Fasteners Co., Ltd. are business partners with Zhang Shouming's fastener industry. They have been plagued by financial problems because they do not have sufficient collateral. Zhang Shouming and the three companies formed the "Enterprise Joint Guarantee Group" and successfully obtained a total of 23.6 million yuan from the county credit union. Each company received a different amount of credit according to their respective operating conditions. * Credit extension.

The “Corporate Joint Guarantee **” launched by the County Credit Union is divided into the General Joint Guarantee ** and the Special Joint Guarantee **. Generally, joint guarantee ** refers to the formation of a joint security team by a number of companies and the signing of an agreement. When the borrower fails to reimburse the contract, the joint security team member shall assume joint responsibility. The special joint guarantee ** refers to the establishment of risk **, repayment responsibility and loss risk compensation mechanisms jointly funded by a number of companies, which are distributed by ** persons to UNPROFOR's enterprises**. According to reports, at present most companies choose the general joint security ** this way.

"Enterprise Joint Guarantee **" has effectively solved the problem of financing difficulties for SMEs in the county. It allows companies that trust each other to temporarily "combine" and "hug" to the bank. "This new model is not only simple and convenient, and does not require collateral, greatly reducing the threshold for SME financing, but also saves a lot of guarantee company guarantees, financial costs in the process of handling mortgages, for our fastener industry, no doubt It is 'in the snow for charcoal'," said Zhang Shouming.

"The 'Enterprise Joint Guarantee' is guaranteed by several companies to each other, just as several people lift things. If one of them has problems, the pressure will be shared with each other, not just one. People.” Yao Yueqin, general manager of the Business Development Department of the County Credit Union, made an image metaphor for “Enterprise Joint Insurance.”

For the county credit union, because eight small businesses have divided the two joint security groups into a common interest and risk community, and assumed joint and several responsibility responsibilities, the business owners are more concerned about the production of several other members of the group. Operating conditions and mutual supervision and support have played a role in post-loan management, better control of credit risk, and are conducive to promoting the construction of the county's financial ecological environment.