Haiyan Economic Development Zone attracts investment and brings in national standards

This year, the Haiyan Industry Investment Promotion focuses on industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, and proposes to attract enterprises through investment promotion, actively guide enterprises to adopt advanced technologies, promote industrial upgrading, continuously improve the quality of traditional industries, and realize the leap from “traditional” to “advanced” manufacturing industries. . At the same time, it proposes to rely on the advantages of sea salt transportation locations, advantages of shoreline ports, and advantages of nuclear power bases to speed up the introduction of emerging industries such as port industries, nuclear power related industries, and new energy new materials.

At present, the industrial attraction of Haiyan Economic Development Zone has achieved remarkable results. Up to now, 11 projects have been contracted and introduced, with a total investment of 1.566 billion yuan, registered capital of 640 million yuan, and 348 acres of land. The scale of the introduced project is large, the quality is high, and the investment intensity is high. .

Recently, Zhejiang Zhonghang Laibao Seiko Technology Co., Ltd., which was jointly established by China National Aerospace Industry Standard Parts Co., Ltd. and Haiyan Daewoo Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a national standard parts leading company, has settled in Haiyan Economic Development Zone. The total investment of this project is 180 million yuan. After the project is put into production, it will mainly produce high-strength civilian fasteners such as automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery and rail transportation, which will greatly enhance the level of the Haiyan fastener industry. Since the beginning of this year, the central and private carriers in the Haiyan Economic Development Zone have been making progress together. The new energy industry has sailed and the gold coast has broken out of unprecedented capital magnetism.

It is understood that the entry of China Aviation Industry Standard Parts Co., Ltd. marks the breakthrough in the introduction of central enterprises in Haiyan Economic Development Zone. The newly-established company has a registered capital of 110 million yuan. It will basically complete the project investment and construction within one year, and at the same time set up a testing and R&D center to accelerate the development of new products and upgrade the industrial level and product level. “The successful implementation of this project has injected new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of the standard parts manufacturing industry in Hainan Development Zone and Haiyan County, and provided a powerful impetus, and as a result, the development of the Haiyan standard parts industry will usher in a new round of major upgrading and development. New situation," said the person in charge of the development zone.

At the same time, the top 500 private enterprises - the establishment of the PU leather production line project of the Wenzhou Jinzhou Group, demonstrated the advantages of the Lingang industrial positioning in the Haiyan Economic Development Zone. According to reports, Wenzhou Jinzhou Group ranks among the top 500 private enterprises in the country for five consecutive years and ranks among the top ten private enterprises in Wenzhou. The company will invest in and construct a PU leather production line with an annual output of 30 million meters in the development zone, with a total investment of 280 million yuan. It will mainly produce PU series artificial leather products. It plans to begin construction work in September this year, and trial production in July next year, officially put into production in September.

In addition, the rapid accumulation of new energy industry has obvious momentum. Following the introduction of Avenger Optoelectronics, Leiwei Electric, and other projects, this year's Haiyan Economic Development Zone will give full play to the leading role of Yawei Lang leading projects, and the new energy industry project will rise strongly. At present, it has signed the contract to introduce Jiuran Energy and Shenglvhong. There are 5 projects including solar silicon wafers, Xiawei photoelectric LED lamps, Shenxin New Energy and Zhongjing New Energy, with a total investment of 769 million yuan, registered capital of 228 million yuan, and an investment strength of 4.27 million yuan per mu.

The new projects have been settled one after another, adding more confidence to the industrial production investment. By the end of June, the district had completed 51.17% of the annual planned investment target.