The four most anticipated new national standards in 2014


2014 has arrived, and many new national standards for the home furnishing industry are about to be implemented or are being revised this year. Among them, the following four new national standards are most worth looking forward to.


Warmth Suite Standard


Standards to be implemented soon: buying furniture can be seen as strong and not strong


From May this year, the new national standard of "Home Mechanics Performance Test" will be officially implemented. The standard involves the strength, durability and stability of furniture such as tables, chairs , cabinets, and single-layer beds . In the past, consumers often ignored the mechanical design details of furniture when buying furniture, and could not verify whether the furniture was strong. After the implementation of the new standard, consumers can view the experimental data of furniture mechanical properties.


The most stringent standard: mandatory detection of lead content in faucets


In 2013, the faucet "leaded door" made many consumers talk about lead discoloration. According to the relevant person in charge of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the latest revision of the national standard of the faucet industry "ceramic sheet sealed water nozzle" has set a clear limit for the heavy metal precipitation of the faucet. At present, the standard is soliciting opinions from relevant departments, and the National Standardization Management Committee will issue and implement it as soon as possible. It is understood that the new standard is called "the strictest in history", the biggest change is that the heavy metal content of the water nozzle is included in the mandatory detection range.


The most appropriate standard: "air purification" can not be casually mentioned


Since 2013, smog pollution in many areas of the country has attracted much attention, so that products related to the concept of "air purification" have become popular. In the first year of 2014, the relevant departments announced that they have started to revise the existing national standards for air purifiers. The new standard improves the product technical indicators and refined test methods for different pollutants, and increases the conversion method of applicable area and air cleanliness. After the implementation of the new standard, the air purification performance of the product can no longer be marked.


The most intimate standard: Formaldehyde testing can not damage furniture


Many consumers are worried that the formaldehyde of furniture will exceed the standard, but they will not go to the inspection. Most of the reasons are that the furniture will be damaged after the inspection. In the future, furniture formaldehyde testing will no longer allow it to be "cleaved." It is reported that the " National Standard for Limitation of Hazardous Substances in Wooden Furniture " (Revision) has been drafted. According to the new standard, in the future, the furniture can be put into the environmental climate chamber for testing of harmful substances. After the test, the furniture will not be damaged and can be used continuously. At present, this standard is waiting for the relevant department to review and announce it.


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