The advantages and disadvantages of the processor and picture splitter!

The screen divider Quad can monitor the screen motion in real time without delay. During recording, the four screens form a video signal for recording, and the video playback is also played back in real time in a four-partition manner. Some products can perform zooming with an electronic zoom, but their pixels are small and sharpness is drastically reduced, so that it is meaningless, so it can be considered that it cannot play back with a large screen. Multiplexers loses time because they do not lose picture pixels. Therefore, delays occur during video playback, and the animation effect is strong. The picture seen is discontinuous. During playback, playback can be split and playback can also be performed on a large screen. The advantage of Quad analysis is that there is no loss of record, and the evidence is good. The disadvantage is that it cannot playback large screens (without sacrificing pixels). The multiplex processors Multiplexers are good for playback and can play back large screens. Multi-screen playback, the disadvantage is the loss of images, resulting in animation.

Splitter features: Most products have all or some of the following

(1) Simultaneously displaying images on multiple screens, it is also possible to display a single screen, setting up automatic switching with four or eight (dual-page four-segment) camera input terminals, usually two video output terminals, one for video Output, output four pictures for recording, another for video output, connected to the monitor, you can choose to display a single screen image, you can also display four sequential input images.

(2) Instant display image output (60 or 50 frames per second). The image processing technology of the four-screen splitter is to perform digital processing on four video signals at the same time, reducing each full-screen image to a 1/4 screen size and placing it. At different locations, they are combined into a four-screen split display on the monitor. Because the four-picture splitter processes four picture signals at the same time, real-time recording and monitoring can be performed, and the picture action is not delayed. High-quality ICs have now been developed to increase the speed of immediacy.

(3) Time and characters can be superimposed (built-in clock and caption display). Multiple English or numbers can be displayed on each screen to indicate the camera number and position information. The maximum number of characters is 8 in general.

(4) The device with duplex performance can play four-split screen during playback, and can also specify a certain screen for zoom-in monitoring, but the picture quality is rough and the quality is not high.

(5) The alarm input and linkage function with built-in buzzer, motion detection (Motion Detection) can be linked with the alarm system composed of alarm detector or video motion detector.

(6) Fast playback function, still picture function, time generator, single channel sound output and other functions.

(7) The image loss alarm function retains the last screen.

(8) For dual four-frame: The input of eight cameras can independently adjust the brightness, contrast, color and chroma, different border colors, and distinguish between two pages and four divisions.

(9) With RS232 port and computer connection function, RS232 remote control function, can be connected with the Internet in the future.

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