How to use window seals? Window seal installation steps

The general window will appear when it is used, the sealing is not strict, and it is easy to enter dust, so the window sealing strip is produced. The main function of the window sealing strip is to block the dust.


      First, the role of window seals

The window sealing strip mainly functions as dustproof, insect proof, waterproof, soundproof, sealed and the like. Plastic steel door and window seals on the decoration market are generally made of PVC, modified PVC, EPDM, elastomer seals (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silica gel and other materials to form a good waterproof, sealed and other functions. , but also has the function of sound insulation, antifreeze, warmth and so on. Plastic steel door and window seals have good elasticity, strong telescopic ability, high temperature resistance and long service life. Window seals must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and good temperature resistance and aging resistance.


Second, the use of window seals:

       Window sealing strips play an important role in waterproofing, sealing and energy saving in plastic steel doors and windows and broken aluminum doors and windows, soundproof, dustproof, antifreeze and warm. In order to ensure the fastening of the strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure of the strip must match the profile of the steel door and window.

1. Note that the window seal should be installed before installation:

        a. Before installing the glass, carefully remove the debris in the slot, such as mortar, brick scraps, wooden blocks, etc. When the glass is placed, it should be carefully centered to ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and fixed in time to prevent collision displacement and deviation. The center of the slot.

b. The rubber sealing strip cannot be pulled too tightly, and the length of the blanking is 2O-3Omm longer than the assembly length. It should be set in place during installation, the surface is straight, and it is in close contact with the glass and glass slot, so that the surrounding force of the glass is evenly distributed. At the corner, the rubber strip should be beveled off and glued firmly at the break.

        c. When sealing the glass with sealant, the glass should be squeezed with rubber strips or rubber blocks to leave a gap of glue injection. The depth of glue injection should be no less than 5mm. Before the glue is cured, the glass should be kept from vibration.

d. The installation position of the top is generally on the window (door) fan, around the frame fan or on the sealing bridge (wind block), and the sealing between the frame and the fan is enhanced.

        e. The top specification is an important factor affecting the sliding door and window and watertight performance, and also an important factor affecting the door and window switching force. If the top size is too large or the vertical hair is too high, not only the assembly is difficult, but also the resistance of the door and window is increased, especially the initial resistance at the time of opening and the final seating resistance at the time of closing. If the specification is too small, or the height of the vertical top is not enough, it is easy to get out of the slot, so that the sealing performance of the door and window is greatly reduced. The tops are subjected to silicidation. The quality of the tops is flat, the bottom and vertical are smooth, no bending, and there is no pitting on the bottom, which meets the requirements of 0.2mm.

2, the use of window seals

        a, glass mat and stop strip: (window frame, window sash) should be after the welding clear angle, the strip will be pushed in the profile slot with a special roller in the correct direction, and the strip will be pushed at the same time. The head is pressed down into the slot of the embedded profile. Since the rubber strip is an elastic body, retraction may occur after rolling. The correct method is to retract the ends of the strip to the middle when the strip is installed at the joints at both ends, and leave 2- 3 cm shrinkage allowance, then cut into the embedded slot

b. Glass bead: The strip is inserted into the profile groove by hand according to the correct surface, and then the strip is pressed into the gap between the glass and the profile by pressing the exposed surface of the strip. The strips at both ends are retracted to the middle, leaving a length of 1-2 cm and then cutting, and pressing into the notch.

        The above is the knowledge of the window seals brought to you by the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian, I hope to help everyone. Window seals are popular because of their important role. Window seals are generally very good. If you want to buy them, you can install them yourself, and the steps are not difficult. Want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please visit the decoration home decoration network, enter the decoration encyclopedia to inquire!

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