Qingtian County Investment Merchants Carefully Sing Valves for Selectors

A few days ago, five enterprises such as Zhejiang Kejia Valve Co., Ltd. and Donghu Industrial Park in Gaohu Town, Qingtian County, Wenzhou City were assigned to settle down, and the land listing and transfer work was carried out in an orderly manner. The town has changed from a past investment promotion to a selection business for the sake of a sound and rapid development of the valve industry.

In the early days of the establishment of the Dongsan Industrial Park, many companies rushed to show their inclination to settle in. The Gaohu Town government team, after field trips and holding special meetings to discuss and discuss, decided to confirm the investment of five companies with relatively high degree of satisfaction. Among these companies, there are three valve companies, one shoe company and one glasses manufacturer. The proportion of valve companies is still relatively high.

Gaohu Town is the township of the county's valve industry and is also a gathering place for the traditional valve industry. At present, Gaohu Town has 33 valve companies in rapid development, is in the season of prosperous production and sales, the annual output value is expected to reach 750 million yuan. Compared to other townships and industrial parks, Gaohu Town’s industrial parks can maintain a good momentum and momentum both in terms of investment promotion and the development of enterprises after their entry. What are the secrets of these? In recent days, the author found an answer in the interview. .

Gaohu Town not only has unique conditions for the development of enterprises, but also Gaohu Town insists on the quality of investment in attracting investment. For enterprises that will invest in China Merchants, Gaohu Town will conduct a multi-faceted inspection of the company, and provide a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the company's development history, development ideas, and development prospects. The investment in Dongsan Industrial Park will continue to be applied. This method will eventually determine the list of companies to enter. In addition, the town's industrial orientation for investment enterprises is quite accurate, because there are many years of development of the valve company's foundation and experience, coupled with the town's development of the valve industry park planning, this investment is still dominated by valve companies, five companies There are three companies that belong to the valve industry. Compared with enterprises, there are experiences to learn from here, there is room for development, and there are industrial cluster effects. For the settled companies, the town can serve the enterprise to the maximum extent, and the construction of the park, the construction of the enterprise's plant and equipment, and the start-up of the production can be carried out quickly. This will allow the company to be completed and put into production in the shortest possible time, resulting in economic benefits. Serving the enterprise, the town also relatively recruits some auxiliary enterprises, and introduces labor-intensive garment and shoe leather enterprises to enter industrial parks to cultivate industrial clusters and form an agglomeration effect so that more foreign workers are willing to work in Gaohu and allow them to enter the enterprises. Solve the employment problem of some migrant workers, form a certain rent economy, increase local people's income, so that local residents more support the development of investment enterprises, investment in the East Third Industrial Park on the introduction of the glasses factory and shoe factory.

Enterprises recruited through this method generally have more potential for development. Combined with the business development space that Gaohu Town can provide, these enterprises can develop rapidly. The town staff said.